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Breast Cancer Awareness-Get this Cozy Cardi-We'll donate 100% of the proceeds.

Written by Austin Ross


Posted on October 03 2017

One of the many moms we have known and loved, and helped get dressed-and who was battling breast cancer while pregnant-just sent us a picture of her little girl headed off to her first day of kindergarten:)  THIS makes our hearts happy.

Stephanie is not the only mom we have known whose pregnancy came with a breast cancer diagnosis.  And there are so many more warriors, who have told us of breast reconstruction, or not, who have shared so many stories of struggles and survival. We salute all of you. And we support you in as many ways as we can.

Do you know someone whose life has been affected by breast cancer? 

Okay, honestly, is there anyone who doesn't know someone whose life has been impacted by breast cancer? We are so so thankful for the progress in medicine which have led to these statistics:

A diagnosis still impacts the lives of every family member and this is why we focus on supporting organizations offering support. Living through a diagnosis and treatment takes it's own toll.

Do you know your lemons? We talk about breasts in the store daily.  We talk about the importance of taking care of MOM in the store daily. 

The best way to be the best mom?

Take exceptional care of the most important person in the life of your child-you. 

We help moms daily.  There are so any ways to take care of yourself-get your nails done, get a new top, new jeans matter, a massage, tea with a friend, staring at the sky, a 7 minute meditation....whatever it takes to make you smile.  One of the any ways to do that?  Know your lemons/melons-you know, those things that transformed overnight the minute that you got pregnant!


What we are doing this month.

Get a cozy Manon cardi in the month of October and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to local organizations that make a difference in the lives of these moms and all of those who are dealing with breast cancer. Pink ribbons and hearts are all well and good, but dollars are always needed.

These organizations are there, waiting with open minds and hearts and support for those who need them.  We thank them.


Take care:)



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