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10 Feel Good Pregnancy Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on January 21 2018

There’s nothing more glorious or magical than carrying a child. However, at times, let's just be honest, pregnancy can be awkward and uncomfortable. Making sure you feel good in yourself and that you’re happy is just as important as anything else. Here are some pregnancy hacks that every woman needs to know.

1. Try some yoga to help your nausea

black maternity leggings

While you may already be well-versed in the relaxing benefits of yoga, there’s a whole load more this activity has to offer. Make sure you have some decent maternity active leggings before you start. Poses, such as the Baddha Konasana and Supta Virasana, can help to relieve sickness.

2. Make sleeping more comfortable

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your health when you’re pregnant, but what if you can’t nod off? Investing in a maternity pillow, which supports your back, may be the way forward. Do your research and find out what products work for you.

3. Glam things up

druzy blue long necklace

Don’t forget that pregnancy can be glamorous. When picking out outfits for your day to day life, make sure that you add a little pizazz here and there. Including some fancy maternity accessories in your wardrobe will lift your spirits.

4. Freeze your snacks

Hot flashes are not uncommon when you’re carrying a child. Should this be a problem for you, there’s a simple way to cool down quickly. Freeze pieces of fruit and vegetables to eat at your leisure. Not only will these make great little treats but they will give you the relief you need.

5. Invest in good solid staple basic clothing items

One Little Stripe Dress will take you so many places!Black jeans and a chic white top will never do you wrong.

Buying a whole new wardrobe when you get pregnant can feel daunting.  We know.  We hear it every day. If you’re trying to save some money, try getting some staple clothing pieces. Create a capsule collection that you can wear all of the time and forever after.  Okay.  Maybe not the jeans.  But you'll love them for months after delivery, AKA the trip back down, so, your dollar per wear in these may make them the most cost effective denim you've ever owned! Now is not the time to be cheap.  When you look good you really do feel better. Try it.

6. Keep as hydrated as possible

water bottles

Hydrating yourself is essential. When you’re pregnant, you need to make sure that you look after your health as much as possible. Make sure that you have a water bottle with you at all times. It will do you a world of good.

7. Boost your vitamin intake

If you feel as though you’re not getting the vitamins that you need, it’s crucial that you do something about it. Head to your local pharmacy and inquire about the supplements you can take. You should find that they give you all the advice that you need.

8.  Pop fruit in your water

Should you want to boost your vitamin intake in a more natural way, there’s a simple solution. Since you’ll be drinking more water naturally, you could pop some fresh fruit slices in your drink. Doing so will increase your intake of Vitamin C and make you feel healthier and more awake daily.

9. Use water mist

Again, when you’re feeling hot and uncomfortable, it can be a tiring and somewhat upsetting experience. Another way in which you may wish to cool down is to use some fine water mist. You can pick up spray bottles from many stores and use them around your home. Spray a little mist when you’re getting too warm and cool down in seconds.

10. Avoid thigh chafing

As you naturally gain weight during pregnancy, you may find that you’re thighs begin to chafe. It’s a horrible feeling. Just add it to the list of "things they don't tell you before you get pregnant".  A quick and easy way to avoid this pain is to pop some deodorant, Gold Bond, or one of the many chafing relief products (Yes, you are not alone.) on your inner thighs. Doing so means that you won’t get the level of irritation that you’re getting right now. Easy fix.

These simple pregnancy hacks will help. Of course, you're pregnant, so, you'll forget them.  But, they'll be here, so keep reminding yourself to check back, or pop by one of our stores, we've got loads more tips and tricks to help you get through.



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