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Virtual Fitting Room

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1. Grab things maybe you think you might like.  Or skip straight to #3 and we will fill your cart together.

4. Place your order.  WE WILL NOT SHIP YOUR ORDER, this cart just gives us an idea of what you like.

We will not  process or ship it until we consult with you-just like we don't charge you before you enter the fitting room in the stores...because that would just be weird.

5. We email you and arrange a Zoom Fitting Room time to discuss styles and then send you a meeting ID and password. 

6. One of us will meet you at the agreed upon time.

If you worked with someone at a store and want to work with them again, by all means let us know. No one's feelings will be hurt, this is all about you mama. 

      1. If everything in the room/cart looks good, we ship your order. 

      2. If we meet and discuss and decide that 

-you might be a 27 or 28 in jeans, but really?! you may feel bigger but you are probably not that 29 you put in your cart;) (In store this happens more  times in a day than you can imagine) 

-the dress that you picked is amazing.. on someone 5'11.  not all of us are 5'11.

-that adorable top runs teeny tiny, best to go up a size (it's not you, it's the top:) 

          we revise your order and then ship it.

7. You order arrives!  Yay!  New clothes!

8. You contact us to schedule another Zoom Fitting Room meeting if you like. You can try everything on, or try it on when we meet.  Your call. (Everything perfect? Skip to step 10.) 

9. You keep what works, you send anything else back.

10. Sit back, relax, enjoy.

You are amazing. You're living through this while pregnant or with an infant. And now you can look and feel  as truly amazing as you are!  

*if you return 100% of your order there will be a 10% of cart fee.  Offering this direct to the general public is all new to us, like, oh, everything else in the world!  We're good at what we do, we're confident that we can nail this thing, and, we also value the time of our (furloughed) stylists who are busy homeschooling, home making thousands of masks and more.