My Shopping Bag


DL1961 Emma Unfinished


$ 178.00

Ummmm...DL's fabulous fabric, a great wash, a nod to tear and repair, a totally on the unfinished trend hem...a must-have to make mama feel magnificent?  Yes!  Rock the world, then rock the baby. You got this.


Why go for under the bump?

So much is already changing, then your wardrobe needs an update too. There is just something comforting in finding a pair of jeans that feel like normal when normal has gone out the window. They ride lower to give you room to grow and then the elastic makes sure you're comfortable. 

How far will this take me?

The end, or very close. Yep, these even take a multiples pregnancy.  (with the allowance that some mamas just do not do pants in the final few weeks) 

Bump & Beyond 

Like all our under the bump jeans, you will totally adore them just postpartum, and there is no reason to stop the rock; throw on a belt, do a front tuck, and the world will never know about those side panels, it's our secret;)


  • Sizing Stuff: Choose your pre-pregnancy size. Your goal here is not to go up a size just because you're pregnant. Our goal is to help you find jeans that fit you in the legs and hips the way that you liked your jeans to fit there before the baby.  And to remember: Denim relaxes out, so don't go too big unless you're craving a boyfriend jean! (and we love us a boyfriend, so, that's not a judgment, just a statement of fact.)
  • Front rise 7.5". Back rise 14". (size 27)
  • Inseam 29"
  • Leg opening 10"
  • 93% Cotton, 6% Polyester