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Who You May Find in This Store:

{ Dede }

I am a wife, mom, and style enthusiast.
I am a people person and my favorite part of my job is making people feel good.
In my spare time I enjoy stepping on legos barefoot, asking kids to put their shoes on (I prefer to ask repeatedly with, no one responding), getting tangles out of My Little Pony’s tails and answering questions like “If Hulk and Thor got in a battle, who would win?” And subsequently defending my position.

I love adventuring and exploring with my family- hiking, trips to the river, camping, road trips, flea markets, outdoor movies, and hosting play dates that turn into  impromptu dinner parties.

My style is California Lifestyle: easy and low maintenance. Lots of denim, knits, maxi dresses and rompers. I have a weakness for jackets, sweaters and boots. I top off every outfit with a piece of unique jewelry.

{ Chantal}

Being a mom is by far the most important and enjoyable part of my life.

Originally from Quebec, I have traveled and lived all over the US and there is no place like California! Living here makes me happy!

Besides the yoga studio, you will find me outdoors in the company of my Brussels Griffon, walking all over San Francisco. Discovering little off the beaten path wineries are among my favorite past times. I seek balance.

Black, jewel tones, jeans, dresses. I prefer to keep it simple but add a touch of unpredictability like, oh, anything with cowboy boots, my favorite footwear!

Fashion is best when having fun!


{ Emily }


I love prints and bright colors, so I dress like it is Spring/Summer year-round because I refuse to believe that we have a winter in California.

 I absolutely love choosing how to style any woman, but when it comes to dressing myself, I may need everyone’s opinion in the room in order to make a decision.

 I believe that feeling good about how you dress your body truly makes you feel more confident and happy. Your style is a window to your soul.

 Dance is my only other true passion besides fashion…and puppies.

 I strongly agree with the phrase, “Sriracha on everything!”


{ Sarah }

When asked "What do you do?"

I am a mom. That always comes first.

Like all other moms on earth, I do a few other things too;)

My boys are older, so that job takes less time, but, once a mom, always a mom.

 I always dress from the shoes up.

 I end up saying “let’s go out for dinner” more than I would have thought.

 I love contradictions in style, and mixing it up. Plaid with plaid?  Sure! Goodwill find with designer pieces?  Absolutely! Cowboy boots with everything? Why not?

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