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Virtual Shopping

What It Is:

We used to offer In Home Styling.  Then along came Covid.  So, we took it off the IRL street and are takin' it to the virtual street! 

You get the VIP in the fitting room experience, the styling and fit expertise which has made moms smile for over 24 years-in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  

We'll still meet you where you are-and where we all are, is on Zoom.  What does this look like? 

  • You place your order for a meeting in your cart.  It's free.

  • We email you and arrange a meeting to discus style and size.

  • We fill your cart and send you your fitting room full of options.

  • We schedule a meeting to check fit and give you pro tips.

Ready to meet with your own expert stylist ? (And if you shopped with us "back in the day"/pre-pandemic and have a favorite stylist, we will be delighted to make arrangements for you to meet with them:)

Yes!  Let's do this!