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COVID-19 Update:


WHEN IT IS SAFE FOR US ALL TO GO OUT AND SHOP WE WILL BE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!(Okay, as the notes below back up, if we do say so ourselves,  we were pretty f*cking awesome before, so watch out mama!)

Check back for updates.


Who are we? We sent out an email letting our clients know about this unexpected turn of events.  The below is just a sampling of the love that we got in replies.  

Definitely made us cry, tears of gratitude.  We'll be back.  Sign up for our newsletter and we will keep in touch. Austin and Carla are totally here for you online www.momstheword.com.  We've still got you covered.

The love that we have for our LA clients was returned in kind when we let them know of this change.  If you don't know us, these client replies will tell you a bit about who we are.

"Just a quick thank you. You made being pregnant with twins a little less daunting.
Wishing you and your family all the best and hopeful our paths cross again one day."

"I’ve only ever shopped at the SF store 3 yrs ago when I had my first (and only baby). I’ve stayed on the mailing list since we are hoping for a second baby… so incredibly thoughtful and full of compassion and love. You obviously have a big heart."

"Move to Portland!!! Oregon, that is. We could really use a maternity shop here! And I think you would love the town. “

“ bought maternity clothes from you while visiting LA about, let’s see, 14 months ago. I loved both the experience and the clothes. My baby is now 6 months old, and I just ordered some nursing clothes online.”

“Really enjoyed going to your store! You are so good at what you do, and I’m sure good things are ahead for you. Thank you for helping me feel great about myself during a truly horrible first trimester,"

"I’m going to miss you. Thank you for being a wonderful help and resource during both of my pregnancies (the most recent of which brought the birth of my second daughter 2 weeks ago). Your calm, knowledgeable, sincere presence was something special and grounding as a pregnant mom - and surprising to find while shopping! “

“I genuinely enjoyed being in your space and your company. I hope you and your husband are well and managing to get through this time as comfortably and joyfully as possible. I look forward to knowing when you re-open somewhere. “”

"I am done having kids but would come visit to say hi. :) and, as you remember, grab some new postpartum pieces, even though my youngest is 3! Will miss you!"

"You  have been a special part of the pregnancies in my family. My sister-in-law started shopping at your Palo Alto location starting in 2010. I got her hand-me-downs and some new purchases with each of my babies. You helped me out in the LA store last fall! It's a bit of a special tradition for my mom-in-law to take us shopping at Moms the Word."

"So sad to hear this news.....  The clothes from your shop were literally all I wore my entire pregnancy and even my wedding dress (as I was 8 months pregnant when we got married). My daughter is now four but I will forever cherish my memories of walking to your store and buying my most favorite pregnancy pieces Take care and best of luck to you."

and, possibly our fave, to Austin, your very own queer eye for the bump guy

"Hey bro, sorry to hear. Wife’s a fan for sure. You made me feel it was ok to go outside and walk around and ok to be in a girl store to.  Thanks for everything"



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