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Maternity Clothes

Shop our Full collection of Maternity Clothes Here 


Shop Our Full collection of Maternity Clothes Here 


Who Are We?

We are THE maternity clothing and style experts. Give us a bump, from the beginning of the bump to beyond-post partum bod is a real thing. We’ve dressed celebs and socialites, but we don’t send them clothes, they come to us.

Old school. 

Just ask the woman who was lucky enough to share the fitting room area and have Anne Hathaway consult on her shower dress! 

We also know the history of maternity fashion from the days of bows to the days that we bought jeans from Pam and Gila back when they were selling their maternity line, Travis Jeans, out of their trunk long before Juicy Couture… to well, just ask us!


Pregnancy Fashion – It can be effortless!

You’ve very likely stared curiously at the Instagram fashionista with the perfectly shaped pregnancy belly and not a single pound out of place on the remainder of her body. No matter the season, she makes dressing her baby bump look graceful, effortless, and enjoyable. For many expecting moms reality often looks much different. Figuring out which maternity clothes actually fit and flatter can be a daily struggle for many moms-to-be. But with the proper maternity clothes, you’ll look—and feel—your VERY best as you count down each trimester to your much-anticipated delivery day!


Finding the Perfect Maternity Clothes for Your Bump 

There are few times as exciting in a woman’s life as exhilarating and thrilling as pregnancy. The miracle of creating a new life is beyond words, and the amazing things that our bodies are capable of can bring even the most indifferent people to states of inspired awe. Whether you’ve just found out that you’re expecting, or you are already well into your third trimester… we know that you are looking for maternity clothes that fit well,  but also add stylish comfort to this special time of your life. After all, you’re only pregnancy for 9-months – let’s make those maternity photos ones that you’ll want to look back on time and time again, for years to come!  

Chances are good that you’ve started buying clothes for your baby well before you started buying maternity clothes for yourself. Many women begin feeling the need to buy maternity clothes once they begin to “show”, which can vary greatly for each woman. Some women show earlier than others – particularly if they’ve previously been pregnant. Every woman carries differently, and every baby bump is just as special and unique as the other! It is because of this that you will want to find maternity clothes that not only flatter your unique shape and figure, but also are comfortable and fit you well. Every woman’s personal style differs greatly, and finding trendy and cute maternity clothes should be a fun task, rather than the chore that it sometimes feels like it can be.


Need Help Finding Your Perfect Maternity Look and Fit?

We are here to help! In addition to our online maternity store, we have three retail locations that we’d be happy to have you visit! Obtain styling and fitting assistance from one of our seasoned maternity experts! 

San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles(Covid-Closed)

Palo Alto, CA

 When visiting any of our retail locations, you will be treated to personalized styling and will also have the opportunity to try on our famous maternity clothing options. This makes purchasing decisions easier and far less stressful since you will also have another set of eyes to help you decide from all of the cute maternity clothes imaginable!

Not sure about an in-store experience? We encourage you to take a look at what others are saying about how maternity store experience. Mom’s the Word is dedicated to top-notch service and expertise, and our reviews show that we are seriously passionate about what we do and the clothes that we sell! 

Whether you’re shopping on our online store, or any of our retail locations, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of devoted and exceptional maternity fashion experts!


Maternity Clothes for Bump and Beyond

Our maternity styles are hand-picked for comfort, style, and superb quality. For over two decades, we have searched high and low for the best in pregnancy styles that compliment an array of shapes and sizes. Our customers glowing reviews of our maternity clothes are a testament to our hard work to only sell the best in maternity fashion.

We know that pregnancy is not always glamorous, and we’re so proud to accentuate the best aspects of bringing new life into the world.


Stylish Maternity Clothes for Every Season

We carry the perfect options for Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall! Whether you’re after warm and cozy, or light and airy… we’ve got it all! We encourage you to contact us for suggestions on the best staple pieces to have, depending on the seasons that you expect to be pregnant through. Our team is well-versed in all aspects of 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, and 3rd trimester maternity clothes, and we are here to help you feel fantastic and stylish during all of these incredible stages of pregnancy!


When to Buy Maternity Clothes

No two women experience pregnancy the same way. This means, if you’re wondering when you should start buying and wearing maternity clothes, it totally depends on your unique body and situation. If you ask other mothers, you’ll find that most pregnant women begin wearing maternity clothing at all different times throughout their pregnancies. But we have found some common traits which indicate that you may be just about ready to purchase your own maternity clothes:


  •     When your button-down shirts no longer button all the way down
  •     When spandex is quickly becoming your preferred material of choice
  •     When unbuttoning the top button of your pants is no longer happening directly after meals
  •     When your bump starts to peek out of your shirt to say hello to passersby


These are the signs that often coincide with what’s happening with your baby’s in-utero growth. “At 20 weeks, the uterus is typically at the level of the navel,” says Trina Pagano, MD. “So many women begin to show at this point, but there is variability depending on the mother's height and body type, weight gain, number of babies in-utero and if it is a first pregnancy. For first pregnancies, the bump typically ‘pops’ a little later than in subsequent pregnancies.”


Maternity Clothing Essentials

Two common phrases that you’ll often hear on repeat when it comes to maternity clothing are “essentials” and “basics.” While some clothing items will sound like familiar staples in your pre-pregnancy closet, others are essentials that are unique to accommodating and flattering your baby bump. If this happens to be your very first pregnancy, it is almost impossible to pre-determine how your body will change as your pregnancy progresses. Every pregnancy is unique and different. This means that it is quite tricky to estimate what size maternity clothes you’ll need to buy further in advance. Pregnancy clothes are often sized similarly to non-maternity items. If you were typically a medium in regular clothing, you may also be a medium in maternity clothing, depending on how much your body has changed and the maternity sizing that the company uses.

When you’re buying maternity clothes online, we do recommend taking your measurements so you can match them with the measurement sizing options that are usually provided by online retailers. You can typically click a retailers product, and there will typically be a link to a sizing chart that will show you how their sizing standards match up with certain measurement ranges. This is the safest way to find the best fit when you are unable to visit a store and try on clothes.