We are doing what’s best for all of ALL of US

And, since that's always been what we do, making the decision to close on March 14th was a relatively easy decision to make because, while it would not be good for business, it was so clearly best for all. We put signs on the doors saying "Closed for 2 weeks."  Oops.  And then Shelter in Place was ordered.

This is a challenging time, as you are well aware.  All (7) of us, are closely monitoring what is happening (which changes daily!), following the news, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), multiple other local and national health organizations.and our local elected officials offices.  We are taking extreme care to make a plan for reopening which takes every precaution necessary to keep you and your family and friends safe. 

Part of our mission is to create a "warm, supportive environment" and that is no longer physically possible in the shops. 

We’ll keep you updated of any changes. Right now we are there for you online a www.momsthword.com where there is a number to call or text (because we brought the SF store phone home with us!)  We are also here for you hell@momstheword.com We’d love to hear from you.

Stay safe and sane.  Keep calm and mom on.

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