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Transition Denim: 8-15 weeks (and beyond)

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on January 29 2018

Wondering what to wear in the "awkward tween weeks"

Between positive pregnancy test and looking pregnant?  Every single day someone walks in and says "I don't know what to wear.  I don't look pregnant, but nothing fits."

Our pregnant bodies, just like children, are each unique,  everyone will go through this stage, but at different times.  No right or wrong time.  It's not like "At week 12 you will be pregnant and feel fat, but by week 16 the world around your will know that there is a baby in there." 

Time to take care of mama, dress to feel pregnant not fat.

So, seriously, what do you wear?!? 


How can you feel good, cute, and not fat?  Start by not wearing your "fat jeans".  Nothing like wearing your fat jeans to make you feel fat.  A good solid pair of maternity jeans at this stage of the game is a very worthy investment in looking good, feeling pregnant and breathing without unbuttoning your pants!

Wha?  Wear maternity jeans now?

Yes.  It's that simple. And no one will be the wiser for it. 

Zipper and button, under the bump maternity jean waistbandUnder the bump at 10 weeks

Tops with these jeans? Tuck It.

One of the super cool thing about most of our jeans is that they have a button and zipper, so, if you're not ready to announce your pregnancy, just get a looser fitting top and do a little front tuck-belt or no belt.  Off you go-annd you can breathe! The above pics of Kate and I wearing our maternity jeans while not at all pregnant.  Why do we do this?  Because we work here, we're busy, and they are cute and comfy and no one would ever know! These jeans rock, bump & beyond, from 0 to 40 and are brilliant for the trip back down after delivery.


Tszuj It

Afraid that if you suddenly walk into work in a looser top that it will be an announcement of pregnancy?  Just cinch up a top.  Nothing makes you look pregnant (or maybe fatter) than wearing a fitted top over your tween transitional bump. 

Simple fix-throw on those jeans that you can breathe in, add a cinched up top and off you go.  Want to draw the eyes away from the bump further?  Bows are no longer a thing, thank goodness-those days of maternity dressing are over! A necklace can have the same effect-drawing the eye up.

cinched top on a 10 week bump

 Rock on, mom, it's time to shine, from 'tween to 40 weeks to forever!



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