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What to expect when you're expecting-that no one mentioned!

Written by Austin Ross


Posted on March 13 2018

Congratulations…you’re pregnant!! Maybe you’re elated, scared, or too sick to even have an opinion on your future as a mom. But, trust us, once the dust settles—and those test lines eventually evaporate (we know you kept the test!)—the changes begin.

No, you’re not going to pop overnight. And, yes, you may barf well beyond your first trimester. We know that you first timers likely purchased one or two books on pregnancy as a roadmap for the journey of bulging bellies, first kicks and everything in between. While most pregnancy books are filled with advice and explanations, there are topics that merit more discussion. Here are 10 pregnancy changes that might surprise you. Heads up-this is just a taste of what to expect.  What to expect when you’re expecting?  A whole lot that you didn’t expect!

disclaimer: odds are good that you will not experience all of these pregnancy joys:)

  1. Your favorite foods may offend you.

Your taste buds might change with your body. Steak may make you feel like lurching in the bathroom, and vegetables might just be your go-to. Everyone talks about cravings, but no one really prepares you for the moment when your favorite food becomes your enemy. And, trust us, it happens. And it sucks.

  1. Your old bras won’t cut it.

You are prepared for your belly to expand, but are you ready for your breasts to inflate? They change, too, in preparation for breastfeeding. You may outgrow your old bras or want a more comfortable style as your body changes. After 12 weeks-go get properly fitted. Do it-your ligaments will thank you.  

  1. People will wonder if you’re pregnant…or just stress eating.

You’re going to widen before that bump pops out, and the pregnancy won’t be obvious to those who don’t know the news. You may get a few curious looks from people trying to decipher the changes. The first trimester can be tricky because you feel so pregnant(exhausted and/or sick) but you likely haven't announced yet. Clothes get tight, but, you don''t "look" pregnant. Depending upon your comfort level, get some comfy pieces that will take you to the end-or just a few to get you to 14 weeks. 

  1. The food "baby" is real.

 After you eat, your belly may seemingly pop no matter what trimester you’re in. Eating always seemed to increase our bump, even in the first trimester. Accommodate the food baby by wearing items with stretch! Because even if those jeans fit in the morning, after a meal those pants aren’t going to button.

  1. Your emotions may be a rollercoaster.

The little things that people do may drive you bat$hit crazy for no real reason. You may cry because your husband folded the laundry wrong…and, for the love of all that is holy, WHY DID HE FOLD THE LAUNDRY WRONG! Pregnancy hormones are a force!

  1. You’ll feel like a hot oven.

During pregnancy, your blood volume increases…and this makes you feel warmer. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself kicking off the covers or opting for lighter clothes. Wear layers during the day, so you can find a comfortable norm.

  1. It’s ok-you may not be blissfully happy 24/7.

Most women have this expectation that they are supposed to be happy throughout pregnancy. You can have a range of emotions, though. Some days you may feel that blissful happiness, or you may be nervous about being a mom. However, if you find that you’re depressed, you need to talk to your doctor.

  1. Two words: pregnancy acne

Some of us didn’t have the natural glow of pregnancy, and were instead cursed with the natural redness of acne. Pregnancy hormones can cause havoc with your skin. Typically, pregnancy acne clears up naturally, but if the breakouts are painful then talk to your obstetrician about safe options.

  1. Ok. Three more words: Vaginal varicose veins

Yes, you can get vaginal varicose veins during pregnancy. Yeah.  No one mentioned that right? They can look puffy or tubular (although yours may look different) and they hurt. According to an article by Momtastic, pressure from the baby causes these veins, and the best treatments are to avoid standing for long periods, don’t lift anything heavy and elevate your hips.  

  1. Your hair game will be vicious.

Your locks will look ravishing during pregnancy, but, unfortunately, it’s not permanent. After the baby is born, you may start to shed. And pregnancy might even change your hair’s texture—your straight hair may wave, or curls might flatten.


While pregnancy is a blessing, those nine months also can be filled with anxiety and mixed emotions…not to mention a changing body. Understand that changes will affect your body and emotions in many different ways. If these changes become overwhelming, never be afraid or ashamed to speak up, ask for help or to talk to your doctor.  This is the beginning of taking care of mama, and letting go of fear and shame-build community. And we don't mean go online to become more scared, talk to real humans that you trust, and if you don''t feel safe with anyone, there are lots of parenting hotlines and support groups, find one in your area.  



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