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What do I take to the hospital?

Written by Dede Lewis


Posted on December 08 2018

We have the perfect, real life, must-have list for you, taken from the experiences of our beloved clients and our own experiences. We get this question daily!  So, here it is:

  • Nursing Gown. “But I’m not a night-gown person.” We hear that, and we understand, but you’ll want a gown.  After you deliver in the hospital gown and get showered, you will want a garment to change into that is not paper. The nurses are checking you so often, that PJ pants tend to be cumbersome. 

lace trim robe and gown


  • A robe. Because hospitals are like airplanes and controlling the climate is difficult, a robe will keep you cozy. And dark?  Maybe yes, there may be blood.

If you're an "I only wear PJs" person, then might we suggest a PJ with a long top and a robe? Because we hear ya, and we get ya, and there are a whole lotta things that you won't really know..until you're there, starting at the moment of conception until, well, forever.

And make sure that whatever you bring has easy access so baby can eat.  Nothing worse than bringing something pretty for mom...and getting to wear a hospital gown.

  • Lip Balm- your lips tend to get dry during labor, and no one tells you about it before hand. 
  • A blow dryer. No one thinks you are giving yourself a blowout, don’t worry. We have learned the hard way, hospitals don’t have blow dryers and sitting there with soaking wet hair is the worst. 
  • Flip Flops. Just like camp or in the dorms, you’ll probably want flip flops to shower in.
  • A playlist of music to set the vibe you want in your delivery and recovery room. 
  • An eye pillow-added bonus points for silk and lavender, because it can't hurt to try and be soothed and calm, and it's nice to pretend that it's dark in that room every once in a while.
  • Some snacks for your husband/partner. Just trust us. Really. 


  • Cute going home outfit.
One of our favorites is our comfy soft pant. The waist is so soft it even works for c-section. Our awesome built-in-bra, best nursing-cami; bra?  check. top? check. in one? yes! These are perfect as your milk is coming in and your body is changing...again. The Kate Cascade Cardigan to through over the cami.

This way you are comfy -and look like you have an outfit on. Only you need know that it feels like jammies.

  • Cute going home outfit for baby! Because, well, baby clothes are just adorable. 

There are lots of other things you can bring, but we find these to be the ESSENTIALS , the “I wish I had knowns.”  



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