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What a MOM run business looks like from here.

Written by Dede Lewis


Posted on February 18 2020

We are a mom run business. This can mean a lot of things.

Some days it means we are the empathetic stop on your errands because you just need to share and you know that we’ve been there with pregnancy/ newborns/ teething/ going back to work etc…

Baby #1 helping us behind the counter while one of us shushes and rocks baby brother and mom shops and discusses the exhaustion that comes with being a mom of two boys! We can empathize with ALL of it!!


Some days it means we cover schedules to accommodate sick kids, birthday parties, talent shows and more.

Baby joins mom at work and greets lucky shoppers  with his winning smile.

Some days it means kids join us at work when there is no school for an entire week for “ski” week.

Last week it means we had an impromptu Girl Scout Cookie Booth in front of our San Francisco Store!

Our favorite Brownie has a goal of selling 600, yes SIX HUNDRED, boxes of cookies. We are here to support young people with goals!!

Parenting is a journey, and, pregnant and nursing, we have been there! It is so rewarding to watch this Girl Scout go from being a shy little girl to being confident and running a booth like this all by herself.  She used to greet people so quietly they could barely hear her, and now she is confidently talking to her customers and making change. And all of us here celebrate that! 

We love watching the babies from our store community grow into not such babies, and learn new skills, build confidence, learn from failure to overcome challenges, and make the world a better place. 

(If you are not otherwise committed to a Girl Scout, or just want to support a young entrepreneur on a mission you can visit her cookie site here:)

Thank you to all the moms who trust us to style you, IRL and online, for making this possible.  

Dede Lewis can be found in our SF location Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and some Wednesdays. She has worked at Mom's the Word since before her first, now 9th grader, was born! She was pregnant with the Girl Scout above in this shot!


(And,yes, we still carry this top because good style doesn't go bad. THAT is what we are all about, great style, great value and keepin' it real in all MOM matters!)




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