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Unique Under Water Photos

Written by Austin Ross


Posted on January 18 2017

Every body deserves to feel beautiful!

I love what I do, I love seeing beautiful underwater transformations and hearing stories. I’m blessed to have been able to meet many incredible cancer survivors with my Underwater Healer About Face projects.(underwaterhealer.com) But my most requested portrait shoot is actually maternity!

There is something special about seeing the joy and love on the mother-to-be’s face. A new baby is the most exciting moment in a family’s history. I’m lucky to see firsthand a very special connection being made under the water - a feeling of floating that reflects what the bundle of joy is experiencing within the womb.

Here is the beautiful story of one of the cancer survivors I worked with, and their pregnancy. http://underwaterhealer.com/portfolio/items/scottmartinez/   NBC did a story on them as well.

It's a special and unique experience for a special and unique moment of life.
from or guest blogger Erena Shimoda




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