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Top 5 Baby Naming Resources you Can't Live Without

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on April 13 2018

Naming a human can be hard. These five resources are all any parent needs to find the best name for their baby. Deciding on your baby's name can feel overwhelming. And then there are the hormones.  Why only five?  Because, honestly, five is enough.  This is an important decision.  But, do you want to go insane?  Narrowing it down to the Top 5 is a way saner way to go. Trust us.  Naming your baby, as one dad2b said the other day, can be “unexpectedly difficult”. Why make it more so?  These five have got you covered. Boom.  Save some time and energy. It's all right here. You'll do right by this baby.

Baby Name Wizard       

 Baby Nam Wizard                           

Warning: You could get seriously sucked into this one.  Enter a name and find out a lot-not just their version of the origin of the name, but way more. We are semi obsessed with the graphs and we're not the only ones.  We have the book in a store and many a dad2b is happy sitting with this book for hours. No joke.  Maybe we should have just names this guide The One Baby Name site you need to know about…but you would not have trusted us and rightly so. 


SSA Baby Nmes                                                   

It's never a bad idea to go to check out to the mother of all US baby name data, the Social Security Administration.  They offer a wide variety of ways to get a good overview of last year, the top picks by state, the top 5 over the last 100 years and more.  All brought to you by .gov.



We think that everyone knows Nameberry, but just in case something really weird happened to your browser. Nameberry is a go to.  Well rounded and full of info.


The Bump

the bump baby name guide

The Bump is another place where you can do your searching a good solid, and get up to the minute information.

Baby Name Genie

baby name genie baby name guide

We appreciate this site enough to get over the lack of design aesthetics, we’re fashion focused and visuals matter, but, we can get over ourselves enough to appreciate function over fashion in the name of getting the right name!

We like Baby Name Genie because it bears in mind that working with a last name is a thing. The Lees and Jones’ might be looking for something different that the Rubin-Dorfski’s and the Zilbergleyts. 

Naming your baby is one of many decisions that you, and maybe someone else with whom you will be raising this small being, will be making, that this baby will have to live with until they are at least 18. Everyone and their brother and sister and stranger will have an opinion on a decision which is really yours and yours alone. 

Choosing a name is a perfect opportunity to breathe through something and say “Thank you.” or “Hmmm” when what you are thinking is “WtF?  Did they really just tell me that that was the name of their cat/dog/ex/cousin who became an axe murderer?”

One site that we can’t actually believe is out there, but it is, is Belly Ballot. So if you want to invite your friends and family in on the decision, it is an option.  We don't think that we've met anyone interested in this, but, hey, you never know?

Some folks like to buy a book too.  The Baby Name Wizard has a book, so, maybe curl up cozy, unplug, and read a book?

The final word- pick a name that you like. 

Is it popular?  Cool.

Crazy?  Cool.

Old fashioned? Cool.

Hard to spell?  Cool.

Weird?  Cool. 

Boring? Cool. 

Don’t judge it.  Don’t worry what anyone else thinks. Quite frankly, it's none of their business. It's your baby!!



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