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The Killer Details; How to Slay while Pregnant

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on August 23 2019

Yes!  You can totally be cool and pregnant at the same time. 

In fact, you get extra bonus points, because, for reasons we can't explain, people think that if you're pregnant you couldn't possibly be killer chic as well. Time to think different. If Queen Bey can do it, so can you.  

Here's a simple recipe, really a "No Recipe Recipe"

Season as you like, play around with variations.  See below for suggestions.

Take 1 Sleeveless Fitted Top:

Add 1 Longer Cardigan or Jacket:

Mix in one Killer Detail:

The key ingredient: The most amazing fabulous, comfy vleather leggings by Spanx.

Add these to your closet and you can make pretty much anything look cool. See below for recipe variations.

Strike a pose.


Variations encouraged. Some thoughts that we've done IRL with clients include

  • grey v-tee and booties

  • over-sized sweater and booties or boots

  • white tee and Chucks

  • statement jewelry, a blouse and pumps

  • How will you style yours?

  • Try it! Tag us in your killer style @momsthewordstyle on IG

Finding a few of your own killer details can make all the difference, particularly while pregnant.  And, with a new baby?  Oh my, life is SO much easier when sleep deprived if you have your killer details dialed in and ready to go.

Other ways to slay, make basics into killer details! 

A white button down?  Could be!

It all depends on how you wear it!

A fabulous pair of shoes?

Absolutely!  Just make sure that they're comfortable, and you can get them on and off-because that becomes a thing at the end when you may or may not be able to reach your toes!

A pair of overalls?  A great pair of glasses? 

Double the details can sometimes work -being careful not to overkill it.

What is attributed to Coco?"Once you've dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off."  Of course, she also said "The most courageous act is still to think for yourself — aloud.", so, look in the mirror and say "Damn you look good"

A fabulous jogger?  Sure!

A statement piece of jewelry?  Yep. 

Or, a great pair of faux leather leggings!

This is your party.  Have fun, and kill it.



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