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The Great Over or Under (the bump) Debate

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on January 08 2020

We hear it every single day.  Women walk into the shops and state a preference for over the belly or under the belly jeans.  

Or, they come in and tell us that their friend said that they need to go with over the belly...or that they must go with under the belly.

And even more women come in asking us which is better.

So, which one is best?!? 

That's easy.  Both.

Seriously.  The important thing is that you are comfortable, and that they don't fall off.  We are serious about both of these points. 

Are you comfortable? 

Only you can know that.  And the only way to actually know which you prefer is to try them on.  Here in the IRL shops more moms opt for under, they like the comfort and the like that they are great for the trip back down.  This is not to say that there aren't plenty of women who prefer over the belly.  But more moms leave with under.

Do you want your jeans to stay up?

We also hear daily from women who complain that their jeans are constantly falling down and driving them CRAZY. We're not sure about jeans that we don't carry, but we've heard a lot of people say that the "belly panel" jeans slide off.  Not here.  The two pairs that we carry absolutely will not slide down.  One even has an adjustable elastic hidden in the waistband under the bump so you can make sure that your jeans stay in place.  Yep, it just looks like a cami tucked into a pair of jeans, but it's so much more!

Under the bump jeans will slide down if you go too big. So invest in ones which fit properly.  You want them to feel snug when you first slide them on.  The waist shouldn't be tight(obviously!) but the rest of the jean should be comfy and stretchy, not loose.  An exception is the all-around under belly band, which is why our boyfriend jean, which is designed to be slouchier works-the band fits, and the jeans are loose, but will never fall down!

Welcome to parenthood, where everyone has an opinion and yours is the only one that counts. 

The funny thing about this opinion is that a second time mom who walked in earlier saying she hated under the bump walked out wearing...yup, under the bump jeans. 

So, welcome to womanhood, where we get to change our change our minds, be open to different viewpoints, realize that there are in fact very few "rights" and "wrongs" and do our very best to take care of us, cuz we're the moms!!

Sarah, AKA our founder, has been styling and supporting moms IRL since she worked in a maternity shop in high school(!), another one through college and at Mom's the Word since she was pregnant with her second child.



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