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The first 5 pieces you need in your maternity wardrobe

Written by Dede Lewis


Posted on February 22 2019

You know the feeling, you are pregnant, but not big. You are just feeling bloated and blah and some of your clothes aren’t comfortable. You also don’t feel “ready” for maternity clothing.

Here are the first 5 pieces you should buy.

These pieces will grow with you in your pregnancy and are the best postpartum!

1. Supplex Leggings:

The wider waistband on these is so comfortable, but not noticeably maternity. (Because they are not maternity, but we've been carrying them for, oh, 15 years?) They are also thick enough to double as pants. We love that these will take you the whole way and are very nice to wear home from the hospital.  

 Alternate: craving an over-the-bump option?  These are not as great forever after the bump, but are also thick enough to wear as pants and can be a good trip-back-down option postpartum, even if you might not be wearing them 5 years later as people do with the supplex.



2. Don't Sweat It Top:

This relaxed fit top is super soft and comfy and has enough room through the body to not highlight your expanding waistline if you haven’t shared your news yet. This pairs well with denim or leggings and is great under a leather or denim jacket from your regular wardrobe. It is a one-size-fits-most top, so it is also a great option if you are looking for a gift. It's also perfect for nursing in after. Fashion and function!  Added bonus points for being easy to dress up in the midnight and black.


3. The Eaton Sweater:

This boxy cut mid-weight sweater is as perfect for the transition in season, as it is for the transition of your body. The relaxed nature of this top will not announce your pregnancy before you are ready to share. Pair with a pendant necklace leggings/ jeans and booties. Staying true to our list, this piece is great before, during and after pregnancy.


4. Mama J Jeans: 

We love J Brand denim in “real” life and are so happy they make maternity denim. The side panels make wearing maternity jeans comfy and stylish. They lack the giant over the belly panel of yesteryear. The panel makes it impossible to unbutton or unzip your jeans. This makes putting on denim at 28 weeks and beyond, more work than you want. These continue to grow with you, and are amazing for the postpartum road back to your pre pregnancy jeans.


5. The Hudson Jumpsuit:

We love this piece so much. It is another before, during, after piece. The low waist with drapey top makes for an easy transition piece. The buttery soft fabric makes you feel like you are wearing pajamas all day. We love this paired with sneakers and a denim jacket or wedges and a leather jacket for a more elevated look.

Start your wardrobe with these 5 basic pieces and you will be amazed at

a) how much better you feel

b) how much easier it is to get dressed every morning

c) how much more often people tell you you look great

d) how much straighter you stand up (okay, maybe that won't happen,, but we are constantly surprised at how, when women feel good they come out of the fitting room standing taller and smiling-no joke, we wouldn't make that up, pure observation), 

e) how much better #pregnantlife is!

The next chapter is beginning, dress yourself right for this event and this is the place to start.



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