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Small Black Businesses Matter. Always.

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on June 09 2020

As a small mom owned business it has always been important to us to try to find and support black owned businesses.  Not just now, always. Below are great products which we loved and carried before the recent push to support black owned small businesses. Ours is an an intensely curated collection. Nothing is in our stores by accident and we only carry things of exceptional quality. Some of these we do not currently have in stock, bu that does not indicate anything about their quality-at all.

All of the below have direct links to the Black Owned Businesses. 

We are white owned.  We have always striven to support POC in as many ways as possible-from models (some of whom have teenagers now!)to the products we carry.  Perfect? No. Implicit bias is real. We are listening, we are learning.


Insanely soft. Surprisingly supportive(but not full support). 

Here's the tru story of this relationship: The owner came into the shop with her line, it was lovely but we weren't sure that our customers would respond- they weren't nursing bras, they weren't supportive, they had no adjustability.   

We loved these bras.  We were honest with the owner.  She sent us bras on consignment.  They didn't sell.  For months.  We merchandised them everywhere. Then, on March 1st we got people to feel the love.  Why did it take months?  We have theories but no idea. We wrote to the owner on March 4th 2020:

hope that this finds you and yours well.

I started to write a note to you a little over a week ago to check in and let you know that despite our best effort the bralet just wasn't selling, in fact, we hadn't sold a single one. And then I sold two that day. And have sold 3 since then. So, I can't tell you what changed,ha but guess you should invoice us for the below, and let's see if we can keep this going:)

Yeah.  March 4th. Covid-19 started impacting our business on March 9th. We haven't met many people in person since then. These bras are a dream. Dream on, feed on, and support a small black mom owned  biz too?  Do it mama!


Hip Hop Diaper Bag

The true story here? This dad reached out, the bag is cool, we liked it, it is high quality for a good price. Boom. That's what we do here right? We weren't sure our clients would be as obsessed as we were, but, definitely worth a shot.  And, by well priced?  I mean $49.95(and it looks like it is $40 on his site now!) We sold them, but way too slowly. Want to support a small black dad owned business?  This bag would be a no brainer in our mind. And, um, Father's Day is coming up, just sayin'.


Divinely Crafted

So, "Hair and Body?!?" you say?  Yeah. I hear you. You're a mom, don't question, don't judge, just hear me out.  It is the best, and yes, it's great for hair, and you don't have  to wash off your hands you just blend the rest of this into your hands! I love the lavendar and lemongrass, but I'm sure that everything is...divine;)

Okay, the true story here?  My sister bought a tub of this for me at a market in DC. We have never carried it, but I am obsessed with it and keep toying with the idea of bringing some in.  (Every time I get a wild hair and bring something in which doesn't really fall into our category, everyone rolls their eyes at me, and it doesn't sell!) So, do everyone here a favor, just do yourself a solid and buy some.  

And, another product that is crazy well priced.  I buy three tubs at once.  It probably will not prevent stretch marks, but, it will make you happy.

Shop small black owned businesses.  Today and forever!



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