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Revealed: Everything Mamas-To-Be Should Know About Baby’s First Kick

Written by Tina Brown


Posted on April 04 2018

The countdown has begun, so when will you feel your baby’s first kick? Is that it?  That? That?  Don't stress. We’ve got the goods on all things from 0 to 40  on what’s about to happen next!


When will you feel the first kick?

You’ve heard the rumors and now you want to be in the club yourself. You can think of nothing more exciting than feeling your baby kick inside you. So, you’ve been waiting and wondering for quite some time, but when will you feel your baby moving around? And how will you know that it's the baby??

Your baby’s first movements are called the ‘quickening.’ They could happen at any point but usually start between the weeks of 16 and 25. If it’s your first time becoming a mom, they will likely come later rather than sooner.  Like so many things about pregnancy, each baby is different, and if your ob/gyn says everything's good, trust that everything's good.  That means you could still have them to look forward to!

What does it actually feel like?

If you’re a first-time-mama, the idea of something kicking (yes, kicking!) inside you  could be exciting or, weird! So, you’re probably wondering how the whole thing will feel and how you will know that it’s actually happened. After all, the very last thing any mama wants here is to blink and miss her baby’s first movements.

Ladies tend to describe the whole first kick shabang in a range of different ways. Some women say that it feels like butterflies in their tummy (adorable, right?), or that it’s like your stomach turning.

The truth is that, again,, get used to us saying this-it’s different for everyone. At first, you may not even be sure that it’s happened! As time goes on and your pregnancy progresses, you will get used to your baby’s kick and just how it feels.

How often should the baby move?

Is your baby moving enough? Not enough? Should you go see the doctor and pour your heart out? Is everything going to be okay?! Many women start to worry after their baby has started kicking and that’s totally normal. Just know that what’s normal for you is normal.

While your girlfriends can offer help and advice, you shouldn’t take their words for gospel. Everyone’s pregnancy is different. (I guess we really can't say this enough, but we hear so many fretful mamas every day, that we want to make sure it gets heard!) So, while they may tell you that they had a million kicks a day or, even, none for weeks, that has nothing to do with what should happen to you. 

Your baby will move as much as they please. These kicks could get stronger and more frequent as your pregnancy, but equally, they may not. Don’t panic. Everything is going to be a-okay. Breathe…. And relax.

Will the kicking slow down toward the end of pregnancy?

No. Again, stop listening to rumors. They will get you nowhere fast. When you start to reach your due date, you should find that there are more and more movements from your baby. Some days it may feel like they just want out! That is 100% okay and nothing to worry about.

Your baby is growing and, ultimately, taking up more space inside you. That means that, if anything, you will start to feel more kicks. (Although, the kicks may stay the same!) The only thing that shouldn’t happen here is that them slowing down. Everything else is just a part of the ongoing journey. Enjoy.  

Should you track the kicks?

Once you’ve felt those first butterflies, you may want to pay attention to what happens next. You don’t have to be over-the-top about it and track each and every kick. But, you should have a vague idea of how many you tend to get and when they happen the most.

(You won’t need to overthink this! Each time your baby moves, it will be a whole new exciting experience and you won’t forget it.)

Of course, if you notice any weird changes or the fact that the kicking slows down, you may want to contact your healthcare provider and let them know the deal. It’s probably nothing, but it’s always best to check these things out, right? Right.

In Conclusion

So, don’t believe the myths, rumors, or nonsense. It’s not worth your time, mama! Your pregnancy is totally unique – just like you and your baby!

The things that happen to you during this time are not to be missed.Don’t spend time fretting and worrying about it all. Instead, enjoy the experience and just soak in all that it means to be pregnant. Before you know it, you’ll blink your eyes and it will all be over.



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