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Remember IRL? In the Fitting Room Flashbacks

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on April 03 2020

We are still in real life.  Real life has shifted. 

It has changed for the moment.  Oh...the month.  Oh... who knows how long!   

One thing is for sure.  At some point, we will be able to move about freely in these United States.  Things will change.  How? We do not know. And,if you're like us, we're really tired of everyone guessing, so, we're just trying to stay present in the present.

So, in that gratitude way, we're remembering what is was like eons ago-by which we mean a month ago.  Livin' in Covid-19 time is weird!  

(Please do not judge the lack of quality photos, these were just taken for fun or to show someone not present what something looked like.  Thx:)

Memories of the IRL fitting room.

We don't usually brag, but, we do have the best customers ever.  No contest.




And the kids!  We miss the kids (and dads too:)

(We know, you'd love to drop by about now so we can entertain them, after sheltering at home with them for weeks!!)

And, "our" babies. We miss our babies!

and the hugs..

We miss styling you. We miss the smiles!!! WE MISS IT ALL!!

And, we'll see you again.  Not soon enough.  But we will. 




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