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Overalls: Classic Style

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on December 01 2020

What does classic mean to YOU?

Black turtlenecks, anything plaid, cowboy boots and overalls.  That's my list.

And, I still own, and wear, the overalls that we carried when we opened and I was pregnant with my second.  24 years ago.  Yikes.  Risky?  Maybe.  But I love a good overall. And, yes, it has to be good.  See below for my definition of not good in a maternity overall.  Because, opinions?  Yep, I have them.  Not right or wrong, just mine.  

The cropped ones below are from my pregnancy.  The one that produced this kid, so, yeah, it's a thing that I handed down!

Okay, but let's talk about overalls and pregnancy!

What to Avoid:

What I hate, and why(opinion-mine, no shaming):
  • Elastic side panels in overalls.  These are needed and wonderful in jeans, but in overalls?  No.  Just no. There are about a zillion better options.
  • A waistband that dips down in front to accommodate a bump.  Why?  Nothing says "I'll never wear these after pregnancy" like a visual clue to a belly.

That's actually it.  Avoid the above.

How to pull them off and look amazing:

As you can tell from the above images, I love a pair of too big overalls.  Pregnant?  You have to be a little more careful with oversized to avoid just looking like a farmer in my hometown. Nothing against Iowa or farmers, at all, but a)most of them are not going for a fashion look and b)they pull it off because they're not pregnant.

When pregnant, when your belly is all big and fabulous, go with oversized overalls and all you get is the big, and not so much fabulous. The denim just falls off your belly resulting in a very wide leg look.  You want an overall that fits over the bump-and comes back to the leg, while still being less fitted.

So.  These are the happy place.  They're not skin tight, but the leg is narrow.


Plenty of bump room by letting out the sides, then beyond the bump?  Yes!

Love the idea, but...

Feeling a little softer?  You can still riff on the great silhouette, but in a softer fabrication.  One thing to be careful of here- you want something with some weight to it-like these in a great French terry. Too thin and, well, as we understand from clients, it's just not good.

What to Wear Them With?

Birks, cowboy boots, chucks, booties, snakeskin booties, really, just skip pumps. Go with a fitted top. I can't find the picture but somewhere I have a picture of one of our clients, post-partum, with layers of pearls and black patent high tops.  So, have fun with them if you want!

Nursing and Beyond

A postpartum fave.  Any top underneath makes for discreet nursing-just lift and feed and cover-alls! 

Overalls are great for the trip back down because they minimize and hide the waist.  If you can no longer look at your beloved overalls after living in them through your pregnancy and nursing, don't say good bye to them. Put them at the back of your closet,  they'll be back, they're a classic. 



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