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Out of the mouths of moms, and dads!

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on March 14 2020

Because we all need to smile.

At the very beginning before Sheltering in Place as a result of Covid-19, before we realized that closing the store was the responsible and patriotic thing to do we were discussing or good fortune.

We have truly the best clients on earth.  Sorry everyone else, this is just a fact.  So, to all of you, thank you!

And you are one smart funny crew!  Some things we can't repeat, but some bear repeating,and given the current state of nerves around Covid-19 we thought we'd share a few of the things that we've heard IRL that will absolutely make you smile. 


Us "How far along are you?" Client "Not far enough." 


Mom of four, when asked by an incredulous new mom of a 10 week old "Wow, you did this four times?!?" Her answer? "Yeah, it's sort of like doing drugs, you know it's not necessarily good for you, but you do it anyway."


Dad of newly preg mom. The doctor said "And...there's the heartbeat!" Dad says,  "And that's important, right? The heartbeat?"  Doctor smiles and said "Yes, the heartbeat is important" then looks at mom and says "He's just nervous, he'll be fine."


Nervous dad at a birthing class at the hospital "And what if she goes into labor at 2AM?"  Instructor, puzzled, says "Yes?" as this is obviously a possibility. "Are you open then?" Cue mom "loving" eye roll. For real.  Dads do get nervous!


Mom expecting third, "It's sort of like running a marathon, you finish and you are 190% certain that you will never do that again!! And then they sleep through the night and you're like, let's do that again!"


Mom walking out of store having changed into a new bra, top and jeans and feeling much better. "I’m just at that stage. I’m just uncomfortable physically, mentally and emotionally." Having clothes that fit when you’re pregnant is a game changer.



Us "How old is baby number one?" Mom expecting second "Nine. Years.  I needed time to recover. “


Which one do you most relate to?  Got a mom quip of your own?  Share it!






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