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One Resolution: Jan 1 and beyond

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on January 01 2019

For some of us,  one and done is the way to go (although I was a "two and through" in the kids arena).

But, for a New Year's Resolution.you really need only one, and, ha, as moms, we might only be able to remember one!  Unless of course you're like me and resolve every year to exercise more, eat less, sleep more, stress less, travel more, drive less.....All perfectly reasonable things to aspire to do.  That I don't really do.

So. What’s my resolution? It’s one that I try to remind myself of every morning. And, although it's only one, I forget probably about 50% of the time! That being said, for a few years I have worked hard to build that neuro pathway and 50% feels pretty good. 

Not everyone is “lucky” enough to have their own neurologist. My sister was the first in my family, then my two uncles, then me and now my mom. Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS Alzheimer’s then ALS again. That last one puts me at a higher risk for adding those letters to my MS diagnosis. Just reality.  And, not absolute.  And, not today.

My wonderful neurologist Elizabeth Crabtree Hartman reminded me of "that guy” who said, basically (because I have no idea who "that guy" is, nor her exact words):
“Live every day as though it was your last. And some day...it will be. “

In 2019 I hope to improve that 50% to, oh, better than 50% of my mornings. No pressure though. If I am true to my commitment of living every day, then beating myself up and putting myself down has no place in my life. See how that works?  Try it. No matter where you are, you can find that center, that reminder of what is important in your life. (And, yes, that "your" part is important in your life!.)



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