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One Magic Piece: bump & beyond

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on November 19 2019

This cashmere ruana is every pregnant woman's must have piece. And then they become obsessed and come back every year for more, long after baby is born.

Elevate every piece in your closet. Seriously.  Every piece.  

Over a LBD

Layer one of these over that Little Black Dress that you wear to work, oh, every other day under a different jacket? Hello Holiday Party happy!!

Over a Tank and Jeans 

How do you make a tee shirt and jeans dinner party or luncheon ready? Add this cashmere coziness. Boom.

Just craving snuggly and warm?

Just throw it around your neck and weave one end through the "neck" and change up the style of that white top. 

Celeb Inspo

Even celebs want nothing more than to walk out the door wrapped in a duvet, but they have stylists who know better! Everyone from Rhianna to Kim understand the wonder. So, no, you do not have to be pregnant to embrace the magic of this single style piece.!

What's not to love? Explore your poncho-wearing possibilities with our favorite looks.  All the comfort of a blanket without having to carry around your bedspread.

So, keep it simple.  When you've given your waistline over to the baby and your closet is filled with clothes that temporarily don't fit, give the babe in you a style boost with one simple piece





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