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One Degree of Separation: Elizabeth Cox, Amazing Mom

Written by Sarah Pollak


Posted on April 04 2017

We know, we know, we should be obsessed with Beyonce, but we paired up with WellRoundedNY last month and met some truly inspirational, super, smart, sexy rock stars.  That's who we meet every day.  Seriously.  It's you.

(Here's a personal true confession about the day of the shoot. Not to get all dramatic, but my beloved 93 year old father-in-law passed away peacefuly at home two hours before the shoot.  My kids were upstate, so, I just showed up at the shoot, but, my brain was a little like mush.)

Elizabeth was fabulous, what a mom!  She was due in..2 weeks? 3 weeks? (Mush) She was doing it all and having fun- a model mom! She one of those hardest working of all, a SAHM, who also just happens to be a co-founder of Six Degrees of Mom so, yeah, there's that, plus two kids and expecting the third, and keeping it all so cool. Plus- she is a typical NY rock star mom-she's thinks that she's way bigger than she is(that's not just NY), and she likes black(which is also not just NY, but...)

She loves her Leather Patch Jacket, Original Cinched Top, and, yeah, we could not for the life of us get her out of the "amazing" Black Paige Transcend jeans.  Seems that maybe she hadn't tried these before?  Side panel and so soft,brilliant bump & beyond.  


+ this (yes, it does come in navy too)

+ these

= :) Rock Star Mom = you!



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