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Nursing at Its Finest

Written by Julia Stevenson


Posted on August 15 2017

We hear it all the time "As soon as you get used to dressing for pregnancy you have to learn how to dress to nurse" and this is true. 

Many of our customers nurse, many of our customers do not. We support all mamas and back them up all the way. Our mission is to keep everyone feeling great. We want everyone to look good, and yes, nursing you can look not only good, but you can look fabulous! 

We had a client in yesterday who had a baby that has now become a 5-year-old. She bought a Loyal Hana top when she was nursing, and although long finished with that, still wears that top because it is her favorite and as she said: "No one would ever know."  So yes, you will love the Loyal Hana blouses. The hidden zippers, the great cuts, the versatility, it's all too good to be true. Except that it is 100% true!

Then there is Alex & Harry. That fabric is seriously the softest fabric you will ever feel. The Hudson is the piece for pregnancy, the piece to nurse in, the piece for life.  You can go anywhere. Really, Anywhere. Perfect in the heat of Summer and absolutely the cutest under a jean jacket for the Fall.  

Oh, and don't forget the Don't Sweat it top, and the Kelly Duet, and the........

We pride ourselves on selection. On something for work, something for play, something perfect for anything. Look good, feel good, nurse that baby. Check out these brands and all of our other faves; we could go on and on. Never worry, we got ya covered!



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