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Nursing Style is Not an Oxymoron

Written by Sally Faison


Posted on October 11 2016

Just like when we're pregnant, when nursing, we want to look good.  Sometimes, more than ever, we want to look not- terrifying! If we dress how we feel, yikes.  We could look not only exhausted, but exhausted, fat and frumpy. That is a one way street to not feeling good.

This is why we are totally obsessed with Loyal Hana.  It's all in the magic.  The magic hidden/seriously/no-one-will-notice-them zippers which allow for oh-so-easy nursing and pumping access.

nursing in total and complete style!

tuxedue pleats please

And they all have the magic: So clever!!     

Feeling more fitted?  You can always belt them-over the bump when bumped, at the natural waistline beyond.

And, the Kelly is a go-to chic fave, bumped and beyond.  Two stellar pieces that just work so well for a nursing mama, lift up the top piece, pull down the tank.  Mix and match the colors, toss the top piece in your diaper bag and use it as a nursing cover whenever you need it. 

Done. Done.Done.


Babies are adorable, but eventually the person talking looks up at you.  Feel good when that happens.  Take care of mama.



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