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New Dad Story...of cabbages and kings....

Sarah Pollak

Posted on November 10 2016

I was recently reminded of one of my fave new dad stories, with thanks to Linda F, who has retired, but was the original MOM boob expert par excellence. 

A new dad walks into the store to purchase bras for his wife who just had a baby.  Linda sets him up with a few easier-to-fit/have-her-come-in-to-be-properly-fit bras. 

Then he glances back down at the crumpled up piece of paper with his list on it and asks "Do you have cabbage?"  Linda smiles and says "Do get her cabbage and put it in the fridge, it will ease the pain of engorgement.  But, no, we don' carry cabbage... you'll have to go to the grocery store for that!"

Dad "Oh. Okay.  What about a...brush for nipples?...Won't that hurt her?"

Linda says, smiling, "Oh.No. No harm to mom! You can probably get that at the market as may come with the bottle brush on your list, since it's for the baby bottle nipples."


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