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My regular clothes don't fit, now what?

Written by Dede Lewis


Posted on May 24 2018

It happens all the time. Mama's to be come in and say, “I think it’s too early to be here”  or “what is the normal time people come in for maternity clothes?” And just like everything in life there is no “normal.” Everyone carries differently, someone who is 5’ 1” will often show sooner than someone who is 5’ 10” because there is more “real estate” for growing.

What we do find to be universally true is that when people come in for the first time they have recently experienced the “my pants are kind of OK when I’m standing up, but when I sit down nothing is ok! They feel terrible.” Upon hitting this milestone, mamas will find us. This is followed often by gasps from the fitting rooms and things like “I didn’t think pants could feel THIS good!"  

The other thing we find is when in the first and early second trimester- what is flattering can be different than what you would love the third trimester.  Everything that you buy in the first trimester and the early second will fit you to the end, or should, but you should not be buying giant things just because you're going to be getting bigger. 

A lesser know truth is until you experience it, it is common to look bloated and more like you've had a big lunch, than adorably pregnant. The form fitting styles that many women love in later months may not fill you with the same confidence earlier on. 

Styles we prefer in the beginning have a little more flow to them. The Draped Front Top is a slam dunk in the early weeks when you're not ready to announce your pregnancy and is a dream all the way to 40 weeks and the trip back down, and, well, forever really. 

The Dolman sleeve, the Don’t Sweat It top and dress, and Jackie are some fan favorites during this transition. Pair these looser tops with a slim leg, denim or some of our thick-enough-to-be-pants leggings.


The first visit is often one of our favorites, because SO many people leave happier than when they came in. We get a lot of, “Honestly, I was dreading coming in here today. Most of the other maternity clothes I have seen were scary. These are styles I would actually were. And now I feel so. much. better!” 

Breathe easy, you've got this.  And, we love to help!





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