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MOM's Fave Shop Small Shops

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on November 28 2020

What better time than 2020 to Shop Small Business-this Saturday, and forever. 

The same reasons that Small Business Saturday started still are true in 2020.  The facts are:

  • more than 90% of small businesses give back to their communities
  • approx $60 out of every $100 spent at local retailers stays in your community (as opposed to $43 spent at chain stores and $0 for online)
It's no secret that a lot of small shops are struggling in 2020. Do you like your neighborhood commercial streets?  No time like the present to buy a present, and maybe you deserve one too, eh? Win/win!
    And, our personal fave, small businesses care. They care about you, and they care about the community, they don't give what they have to for tax reasons, they give because they want to.
    • Non-profit organizations receive an average 250% more support from smaller business owners than they do from large businesses. 

    So, where to start?  Oh, you know us, we've got a few ideas.😉

    Just like clothes, if you don't like our suggestions, don't go there, our feelings are not hurt but, if you do, know that these businesses would truly appreciate your support, and you'll get all sorts of goodness in return.

    For Everyone on your list!

    Alexander Book(LOCAL): Because, well, books are just never bad, they've got a great selection, pre-covid they did a great wrapping job-this may not be a thing in 2020, but, that is not their decision. 



    Divinely Crafted:  For the simple reason that their Hair and Body Butter is reasonable and I am obsessed. And supporting Black Owned Small Businesses is still important.

    True Nude: Because if you want an insanely soft bra-in a pandemic and beyond, this. (ProTip: Order up a size in the bralet-the S is like a 30) And Black Small Business Matters.


    Aiken(LOCAL): Because sustainable matters, and well curated appreciates well curated. Men's, women's and kid's too. Gift Certificates are a thing too:)


    Cliff's Variety (LOCAL): Because puzzles, board games, vintage inspired toys, stocking stuffers, quality pots, pans and all things kitchen, crafting is a thing...and yes, hammers and nails too. 

    RedStart Custom Jewelry(LOCAL): Because they do it and they do it well, and they will meet you masked out in front of their home.  Bring them your vision, they will make it, and make it well.


    Button Down(LOCAL): Because good small business neighbors matter. Because traveling to Europe not so much a thing, so go here. And, now they've got a Barber Shop!


    Town & Country Tennis (Palo Alto):  Because best neighbors, and best stringers for Stanford Men's Tennis, because they know tennis, and because we're not at Town & Country any longer, but there are some nice shops there, and a trip out of town could be fun! Because management at the center is "interesting" but the small businesses definitely do not! 

    Wink(LOCAL): Because form, function and whimsy, all in one spot.



    Baboo(LOCAL): Because odds are that the person who you think has everything...doesn't.  And, because, really, who doesn't want a swing in their home?!?! (a former neighbor)

    Paper Kite: Because love is a thing, because old colleagues move away and become dear friends, because it's the cutest shop ever



    And because behind every single small business, there are real live people who are passionate and love you and love what they do,

    and before 2020 that was enough, and in 2020 we shall see. There are a lot of "we"s and we all get to have some fun, little or big fun, shopping small. in 2020!

     In conclusion, shop small, have fun today, and every day.

    One final entry, also near and dear to my heart, a small biz with a non-profit attached that supports kids.  Buy something, donate just because you've got some spare change, and small businesses change the world, and this one is tops.

    SF Skate Club(LOCAL): Because they have a shop, a camp program(yes, moms and dads they have winter break programs), and a non profit, and, because sometimes, when something seems too good to be true, it's actually just true.  Know someone who skates? Support small here.



    Shop Small
    P.S. No one was paid, no fees were collected, no one here even knows that they made the MOM list, we just came up with it on the drive home.



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