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When to Buy for the Bump?

Written by Julia Stevenson


Posted on October 17 2018

Every day we meet women who are shopping for the first pieces of their maternity wardrobe. We hear all about how pants don’t fit anymore or how bras are so tight they make you feel like you can’t breathe.

What we also get? The question about when the "right" time to get maternity clothes. Just like so many things about parenting, there really is no right answer. It all depends on how each person feels.  When your clothes don't fit or when they make you feel fat?  That is the right time to start building a wardrobe of styles that will fit and make you look fab, not fat. That may happen in your first trimester(hello not-you-first-pregnancy moms!) or the second trimester.  

That being said, let’s talk about how ‘Maternity’ doesn’t have to be a scary state of dress.


When I was only about 10 weeks pregnant, I hit the point in time where I was unbuttoning my pants at the doctor’s office. Not the most fashion-forward look, but it felt like I was being cut in half. I’d made the decision that the next day I would go and invest in some maternity denim. Just trying them on at the store made me feel 100 times better. I could breathe! I could move! I could high kick despite not having a rational reason to do so! That same day, someone else came in with doubts about diving into pants with a panel. The moment I showed off that I was currently wearing DL1961’s maternity jeans, I could see the light turn on in her eyes. Yes! There is hope and it’s cute!

DL1961 power skinny emma in token wash

What about bra’s and tops, you might ask? Same thing! What you wear while you grow is not what it used to be 40 years ago. It isn’t even what it used to be 10 years ago.


You have the option to keep your own style without forfeiting comfort and comfort is key. Getting dressed in the morning when you’re not feeling well and your body is changing can be a battle, but it doesn’t have to be. Jumping into things with panels and way softer fabrics feels amazing.

Think of it as a reward for creating life. You’re making arms, legs, and vital organs and you deserve to feel good.


Second and third pregnancies? We get mama’s who rave about how they still wear some of their maternity clothes and that they don’t intend to wait for what’s an ‘acceptable’ time to get more.

Granted, we hear often that the bump shows much sooner the second and third time. Which really means they’re getting into maternity even sooner than the first time. No matter what, you want to be comfortable. Be it in your own tops and new side panel jeans or not. Just know that wanting to wear something ‘Maternity’ shouldn’t be scary. Don’t force yourself to fit in old pants when you could be ruling the world with the panel on some new leggings. 

 Trust me, your body with thank you.  Other people around you may thank you too!


Julia Stevenson has been styling moms, bump and beyond, at Mom's the Word for three and a half years, is thrilled to be expecting her first baby in April. She is humbled by how much she thought she knew from listening to clients, and how different it is when it's your body growing a baby!



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