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What we Care About and why

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on September 20 2019

Supporting Moms. That's what we care about.  Looking and feeling good is more than skin deep.  When you shop with us you are shopping with a small business that cares, and does the best that we can to be good and kind, to take care of our clients, staff and the planet

Here's a little of what that means to us:

We support Made in the USA.

We carry high quality pieces that can and should be worn long after baby is born-that's why "bump & beyond" is our registered trademark.It's more than a tag line, it's our core belief-buy clothes today, wear them forever.  Women walk in literally daily telling us or pointing out pieces that they still adore-up to 10 years postpartum! That makes our day.  It's why we're here.  Sure, with the next pregnancy you won't have to buy them again, but, our mission is to make you look good, not to sell you cheap, fast fashion, trendy pieces that you'll want to never look at again.

We strive to carry styles made in the US and when we produce styles we always make them here!  Why?  Here's why:

Made in the USA Protects Humane Working Conditions

Maybe it's because we're moms, maybe it's because we're human, how people are treated matters to us.  Monitoring working conditions outside the USA is difficult- at best.   Things have only gotten worse as the demand for fast fashion increases. Workers are often subject to unfair wages and unsafe working conditions and despite regulations, in the name of profit, the big guys find it easy to "manipulate the data" as reported by the NYT

"An extensive examination by The New York Times reveals how the inspection system intended to protect workers and ensure manufacturing quality is riddled with flaws. The inspections are often so superficial that they omit the most fundamental workplace safeguards like fire escapes. And even when inspectors are tough, factory managers find ways to trick them and hide serious violations, like child labor or locked exit doors. Dangerous conditions cited in the audits frequently take months to correct, often with little enforcement or follow-through to guarantee compliance.and totally avoid all regulations." 

Consumer Reports states that 90% of all clothing sold in the United States is made elsewhere. Here at Mom's the Word we flip that, 80% of what we carry is made in the USA. 

Made in the USA Protects the Environment

Here in the US  we still have stringent regulations which limit adverse environmental impact in manufacturing. Production elsewhere often produces high levels of pollution and contamination that have adversely affected the air, water, and soil of communities across the globe. Another place that major corporations value the dollar over the health and well being of our children and the world we leave for them, and these moms will not abide by that in the clothes that we offer. 

We haven't done the actual calculations, but the carbon footprint of producing things within 30 miles of us and running to pick them up vs. producing over 6,000 miles away?  We don't have to do the calculations, it's a difference!

Are we into shaming?  No we are not.  Everyone has their own budget and we respect that. But, buying top quality pieces that you love and wear forever ends up being more cost efficient than buying disposable style.  The dollars per wear of your average maternity jeans ends up making them the least expensive pair of jeans that you ever owned-because you wear them SO much more!  Having a hard time justifying a mom-centric piece?  Will you wear it and be happy and feel good?  Great, do it.  Will you wear it and feel great in it for years?  Then it is so worth it mama! 

How important is it?  It's important to us.  We make less money.but we can sleep at night knowing that we are being the best moms that we can be-for our children and for the planet. And, at the end of the day, THAT matters!

 We believe in Health Care.

So we pay 100% of health insurance costs for all staff and their families. Not much more to say.  If it's important, we do it.  And the people who help our clients deserve to know that they and their families are covered.  

We believe in style that lasts.

Again, that's what "bump & beyond" means. We believe that you should buy clothes that you love, and they should last long after your pregnancy.  Fast fashion is not only bad for the planet,  it falls apart, isn't good quality and generally speaking most folks don't feel good in it. When you're pregnant, feeling good in your clothes is more important than ever! We love love love that day in and day out women walk into the shop talking about the many styles that they still wear 2,4,6,8 even 10 years later!!



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