Let's Talk About Sleep, Baby


Why talk about sleep?  Because it matters and because it was the topic of conversation about a gazillion times, when we were in the shops 9 months ago.  Oh, no weeks! 9 weeks ago! 

The whole world has just moved to new parent time, the weeks seem like months.  If you've ever have a 9 week old, you know what we're talking about. I just hope that some day we will all look back and think "Yeah, that wasn't so bad." like we do with parenting newborns! Perspective.  It's a beautiful thing.

So, 9 weeks ago we had a healthy happy business.  And then the train went right over a cliff.  After 23 years.  We had a moment of shock, and, we're not going to lie, we're still in a little bit of shock, but, we also did what a MOM does, we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and after staring at each other for a few hours saying "WtF just happened?!" we looked at the situation, took a deep breathe and asked ourselves what we could do.  

Plenty as it turns out. Austin, Dede, Allante, Julia and Carla have kept plenty busy trying to figure out things we never had to figure out before. (Hello Social Media.)And one thing that I did, on March 19th was sign up to learn everything that I could learn about infant sleep. 

Why Sleep?

Why you ask?  One perk of my job, pre-covid- is that I get to hold babies. (and, yes, we change diapers too!). My last day in the store I got to hold a lot of babies.  All of the moms were first timers and they all were that new mom "Dewy and So in in Love.... and OMG did I really sign up for THIS?" stage.  

So, it  was impulsive, but hey. Some days you just have to go with your gut, and that morning my gut said do this, forget about your lack of time.  Because, moms the word!! Always.  Forever. 🤩 Can I get a "Hell Yeah!"?

So, 9 weeks into a pandemic, we're taking the beyond, from "bump & beyond", to the next level! Introducing our new baby- www.MomNeedsSleep.com  We can't wait to introduce you!

(and, obviously, dad needs sleep too, but, we are MOM's the word, so, yeah.) 

On Language

Teaching vs. Training:

I have always been an advocate of helping babies learn to sleep.  Helping. Teaching.  Not training.  There is a lot of talk about sleep training, and to me language matters. I don't know about you, but from a very young age I realized, when I'd try to get my adorable perfect baby to "perform their latest and greatest trick", that my children were not trained monkeys. I hated that because others could not witness how brilliant and adorable they were and, if I am honest, could not see see what a wonderful job I was doing. 🤔 Outside validation when you are doing the best and the hardest job on earth, and haven't slept for weeks?  Yeah.  It's a thing.

Work vs. Job:

Making a baby and raising that child from just hatched through, oh, for as long as you're alive? It is a lot of work, but, it's not a job.  Well, maybe Job-a prosperous person whose patience is tried and, who in spite of this remains confident in goodness!  But, not job as in "a piece of work done for an agreed upon price" We agree to the work, but that baby/toddler/child/teen may not always agree upon the price! (We will not get into the the price of motherhood right now, because that is a whole rabbit hole of it's own, and feeling overwhelmed or despairing is just something we choose not to do these days!)

What's next and why it matters to YOU!

In order to be officially certified I need to get some experience first!  I could just hang out a shingle and say "Sleep" but you wouldn't go to a doctor who just had some hunches about medicine.  There is no official standard of certification for this line of teaching, so I spent much time researching what seemed like the best for me and for my future clients. There are literally hundreds who will happily give you a certificate for a fee and for different training programs, which is why I chose what seemed to me to be a rigorous program grounded in science and which did not advocate one approach to sleep, but rather taught all. 

To proceed with my learning I next need parents with newborns to accept, completely free of charge, a Newborn Bundle. My mentor Sophie, who has many years of experience in this field, will be working along side me every step of the way as we help you navigate the beginning of this wondrous, magical and sometimes exhausting journey called parenthood.

Want to get some sleep? E-mail me, sarah@momstheword.com for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss further.  You've got this.  You can do this.  No awards are given out for doing it without support. 

Want a Pregnant and Prepping Bundle?  Same as above, email me if you want to discuss or just email me for your Promo Code so we can schedule a time to meet before baby is born!    

IMHO, investing in learning this now will help you learn tools which will serve you in parenting forever.  

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