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Legging Roundup

Written by Dede Lewis


Posted on April 09 2017

Can we talk about the normalization of leggings for a second? In most circles, leggings are now pants and everyone is ok with that. You just have to make sure they are the RIGHT leggings, because this has the potential to go really wrong. Here is our round of appropriate leggings for various situations.

THE BELLY LEGGING- We get it, you are in the in the resistance and are not OK with leggings being normalized. You like leggings, but not as pants. You want a tunic length top to pair with it. Our belly legging is seamless and super soft. They come up over the bump so there will be waistband that awkwardly digs in when you sit. They are the thinnest legging we carry, so these are best paired with long tops. Pro Tip: these are even comfy if you are expecting twins.

over the belly legging

THE SUPPLEX LEGGING- So you want leggings that can pass for work, and not in just an "I work at a start-up" kind of way. You want these leggings. These mid-rise leggings are ideal for the 'OMG I'm 13 weeks and all my clothes feel terrible" phase. The thicker waistband doesn't dig in anywhere in an unflattering way. They have just enough hug, that they feel supportive and comfy all day. If you are between sizes you will want to size up on these.

Susana Monaco Best Under Belly Legging

THE WORKOUT (or watching Netflix) LEGGING- These are ideal for working out, naturally. Let's be honest, working out is no longer a mandatory requirement for rockin' some leggings. These are thick enough people have likened them to a ponte riding pant. The zipper detail on the ankle elevates the look a little bit, and also makes them easier to get off as you as you grow. The mesh inserts are fun and make it clear that, no, you are not wearing the same pants every single day...just maybe every third day, with a different crowd?ingrid & isabel active leggings
Not feeling the length? Introducing the Capri. Do most people do both  Yep. 

Feelin' the athleisure love.




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