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Make-Up and Chemicals and Beauty Oh My

Written by Sarah Pollak


Posted on September 16 2016

I first started thinking about the safety of make-up after hearing Stuff You Should Know.  I never thought about make-up, aside from the fact that I rarely leave the house without some of it!


Um.  Yeah...

I pay attention to most things that get into my bloodstream. I think most, if not all, of our clients do too.

I paid double that attention when I was pregnant; drinking my double the milk milkshakes, staying away from... oh, you know the list, and only using approved creams and lotions.  Never gave a second thought to make-up.

Turns out, I'm not the only one not paying attention.  After the podcast I read an article in the New York Times titled Is your Lipstick Bad for You?

This all got me thinking-I love my lipstick, and my eyeliner and, all of it!  But I don't want it to hurt me! And, I'm a mom-I'm busy, make this easy for me to fix please!



So, in that "We love our customers" way, we don't mean to go all NorCal earthy crunchy on you, but, this felt serious.  So, when we heard about BeautyCounter we were intrigued.

Because, we like make-up!  Some wear a little, some more. Just like cute clothes, it makes us feel good.

We look forward to finding out more. Join us!

Saturday, September 24th 12-4 in our Palo Alto store

Saturday, October 8, 12-4 in San Francisco store

p.s. They're not giving us anything, we're not giving them anything, this really is just "for the babe in you" because we care.



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