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Is Pregnesia/Pregnant Brain Real?

Written by Austin Ross


Posted on January 19 2019

Baby brain is real.  Just ask any pregnant woman. 

Or look at our shoebox in the store full of sunglasses, water bottles and even a few car keys!  Yep, those moms were smart, they'd already made an extra set. Once you're pregnant, an extra set of everything is not a bad idea, or just acknowledge the reality of the rest of your life and by some Tiles. (This is not a paid endorsement, just our reality.)

Search and Research

A women in the shop told us that there had a been a NYT article stating that pregnant brain was proven to be not real. We did a search and couldn't find it. 




We were able to find an article on the Mayo Clinic site saying yes-no-maybe-no proof.

So, real or not real?

Our friends at Mothering.com?  yep.  Proof.  it's real!  Someone else will come along with another study no doubt, but, we'll take this one!

We did find a NYT article from December 2016 titled "Pregnancy Changes the Brain in Ways that may Help Mothering" In this article it states that-

pregnancy brain actually extends into the toddler years, and "the more pronounced the brain changes, the higher mothers scored on a score of emotional attachment to their babies".

So, to that pregnant mom of a toddler who was in the other day, the one who was calling AAA and said to me "I hope that they send a different guy than they sent 2 hours ago- the first time I locked my keys in the car!", and to that mom who was 20 weeks pregnant with her first and said that she lived 10 minutes away but it had taken her an hour to get here because she had to go back into the house 4 times and had still failed to bring the box for UPS, it's all good.

So, is it real? For today? Yes! Most importantly, don't stress, don't fight it. If you forget something, you forgot it. Forgive and move on. What can you do about it? Beat yourself up?

Yeah. Let's just say it's real shall we? We've asked a few experts-moms, and, 10 out of 10 have experienced the symptoms. That's real enough for us.




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