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How to Rock Your Baby Bump in Fitted Styles

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on October 26 2018

Love your baby bump, want to embrace fitted styles, but not sure how to pull it off?

We've heard that...a couple thousand times.  

1. Layer

Meet your new BFFs-body con and body cover AKA a super body hugging style, with a not at all body hugging open cardigan.  This is the easiest way to let everyone see the bump, and cover the bum.  The bulkier, or silkier and floatier(not a word, but you know what we mean?  Not a fitted knit that will grab your butt.)the cardigan, the less likely it is to grab your backside.  

A draped wrap can give you the same effect.

2. Hit your pre-bumped wardrobe.

Another great piece-a button down, left open or -think 90's grunge-just tie a flannel around your waist, or, you know, a little under your natural waistline in back, and under the bump in front -it's a great look!

3. Distract/Create a Waist

Wearing a cropped piece that hits you at your pre-preg waist (not much lower-you don't want to draw a horizontal line across your butt) gives an illusion of a waist and minimizes everything else.

4. Skip Fitted Dresses-Rock a Top

Sometimes the most comfortable thing for some folks is to go fitted on top, and not bodycon on the bottom, keep it encased in a well fitting pair of jeans(nothing kills a look like a pair of saggy butt jeans), or a flowing skirt or less structured pant.

5. Just OWN It

Many a mama comes into the shop loving the bump, but not so sure about actually really going for the flaunt.  And then, she tries it on, and either the magic of double layer and cinching or the magic of texture or, maybe it's just the wonder and awe of what that body of hers is doing, she comes out of the fitting room, and smiles.

Whether you choose to go bodycon or not, we truly hope that you too can learn to love your body by baby, bump, lumps and all.  We hope that if you're near one of our shops you find time to come in and get styled to feel as amazing as that body of yours is-it's making a live human, from just two cells, how much more amazing can it be? We love to celebrate that body!




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