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How to Dress Pregnant: Barely Bumped / the In-Between Stage

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on September 11 2019

Stage 1: Barely Bumped AKA the In Between Stage

In between

"I had a body!" and "I look pregnant!" 

In between

"I feel fine" and "I finally am not sick morning noon and night".

In between

"I have energy all the time" and "Oh thank God I finally feel like I might have an iota of energy ever again in my life!"

Welcome to the wonderful world of making a human.

Your pants and your bras don't fit.

You don't really look or feel pregnant and you aren't telling people that you're pregnant. 

You are bone tired fatigued in a way that an OB/GYN client of ours said "was beyond anything I had imagined". 

If you are extra "lucky", you have regularly scheduled appointments with the porcelain bowl or you just feel seasick morning noon and night. 

And, you are super happy and excited. 

Thank goodness!  If this wasn't the case it might be the end of the species because why would you do this again!?  Oh,right, because at the  end of it, you get a teeny tiny human!  Totally. Worth. It.  We promise.

What to wear to feel at least a little bit human, while making a human?

Essentials for Stage 1


Yes, maternity jeans.  Why? You will wear these though the pregnancy and for the trip back down. Women come in daily saying that they're not sure why they waited because jeans that feel comfortable make all the difference.

Wear a long cami and/or a longer top and no one will be the wiser for it-and you will be sooo much happier! The great thing about side stretch jeans is that in the hide-a-bump stage you just do a little front tuck! Bam! Pregnant people do not tuck in their tops.  Almost hardly ever. Therefore, folks will assume that you must not be pregnant. 

Start with black or white so the size stretch is even less noticeable. Or go for those with a panel and with a waistband which expands as baby grows but with a cotton panel that just looks like you've got a cami tucked into your pants.












Long Draped Jackets and Cardigans

These create a vertical line which distracts and de-emphasizes any perceived bump.

Unstructured Structured Dresses

Does that make no sense?  What we mean is dresses that have some weight to them.  Draped and loose dresses can work, but especially if they are solid colors and knits they can actually magnify the bump when you move.  This one has enough weight that it doesn't grab the bump.  That's what we mean.

Tie Front Pieces/Pieces with Front and Center details

Nothing like a knot at the natural waistline to totally hide-a-bump.  If it's a tie it must be wide and forgiving.  We are not suggesting that you throw on a belt! But tie something like the Tahoe sweater a little lower than the below image and bump be gone! 

the draping in the piece below totally is not maternity or nursing; works brilliantly for both, and the drape totally distracts and masks an early (or postpartum)bump.

Lastly, a new bra!

The girls can be the first thing to grow, and spillage is a dead give-away. Keep the girls in check.  People may think that you're bigger, but if your not pouring out of the center or sides they probably won't ask, so, don't let the girls tell.

Get a nursing bra if you're planning on nursing, or just get a bigger, properly fitting good support bra until you're ready for a nursing bra, if you're planing on nursing. If you're not yet 12 weeks, don't go get an expensive bra, wait until after 12 -14 weeks for that, because, yes, we're sorry, they might grow more.  After 14 weeks you can safely get properly fit, just make sure you are on the tightest hook, because your rib cage will continue to get pushed out by baby.  Good times. 


If your pre-preg style is all very waist centered-think high waisted jeans with top tucked in, or very tailored suits-then this transition could alert the folks around you.  Our suggestion is this: ease on into this. The minute that you find out that you're pregnant, or, heck, even when you're trying to get pregnant, try untucking those tops, or, start by doing a front tuck.  Start leaving your jackets and cardigans open-it creates a vertical visual line which counteracts the burgeoning baby bump.  Note how the top above creates the illusion of a waist with the draping at the bottom?  

These are just a few tips and tricks.  Check out our top selling Hide-A-Bump pieces, or, best bet, stop into a shop and let us help you find the styles that work on your body by baby from barely to beyond.



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