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How to do Denim: Pregnant

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on September 28 2020

Jeans.  They are what we wear for life.

Then you find yourself pregnant and suddenly one day, life changes and your jeans just.don't.fit.  

So, here's a primer on denim and how to do it right, while pregnant. 


When to buy maternity jeans?

  1. You don't get bonus points for "holding off".Get the most out of this purchase and stock up on jeans early. These jeans will get heavy rotation.
  2. Your "dollar per wear" on your maternity jeans will make them the least expensive jeans you've ever owned.  
  3. Hair bands sometimes work for some folks for a minute, but you're really just putting off the inevitable. And leaving your pants unzipped in the meantime.  #awkward
  4. Don't wear your fat jeans.  You're not fat. 
  5. Pregnant weight is centralized in one area, a size up is bigger all over, and in a week or two the baby will make you outgrow those too.


What size do I need?

  1. Get jeans that fit your legs, butt and thighs the way you like your jeans to fit.  Yes those areas may pad a little, but with average weight gain if they fit you at 12 weeks they will take you to full term.
  2. Buy jeans too big and they will slide down and make you crazy.
  3. Buy jeans with a loose super soft panel and they will slide down and make you crazy.
  4. Whatever you do, do not go up a size because you're pregnant.  If we had a dollar for every woman who walked in in a 29 and walked out in a 26 we could retire.
  5. Remember denim relaxes out, so, if they feel a wee bit snug when you first put them on, leave the tags on, don't spill pizza on them, walk around the house for a bit, see how they feel after an hour or two.
  6. You can wear jeans to full term, but in the last few weeks some women just don't feel it.
  7. The Trip-Back-Down is real, and whatever jeans you end up with you will wear after delivery too if you are like 99.9999% of women.


The great Over or Under debate.

  1. You do not need under in the beginning and over the bump at the end.  We're not sure where that rumor started.
  2. There is not a better or worse/right or wrong, in life and in maternity jeans too.There is a what-feels-best-to-you, so, try them both on, you'll know. Your friend knows what she liked best, you don't share a body. 
  3. J Brand, Paige and DL1961 only make under the bump, that's information on what most people prefer.
  4. Under the bump feels less like you're wearing your maternity jeans after delivery and some folks like that.


How may pairs do I need?

  1. We can't answer that.  How often do you wear jeans?  How many pairs do you have in your pre-preg wardrobe? 
  2. You're growing a human.  Get as many as you can so you feel good. 


What are my options?




Super Skinny




and of course, black!

Overalls, shorts and more.  Everything that you need to keep mom happy for 40 weeks! This is real life.  Live it!! Feel good!!


 Disclaimer: Small Biz livin in Covid-we may be out of these as all these styles go fast when we blog on things, so, if you want something and we're out of it in your size, email hello@momstheword.com or text 415.269.0456 with your size and the style and we will get it for you! #supportsmallthroughitall and we will get through IT ALL!



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