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Dressing by Trimester-and why you shouldn't do it

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on January 16 2019

Everywhere we look there are lists of what you should wear in your first, second and third trimester, and well, that's just not a thing! 

What you should wear in your third trimester? The things that you have been wearing in your second!  Get the most bang for your buck, wear it early and wear it as often as they say in Chicago!

Please don't buy something to wear for 3 months-save that for the baby-who will grow out of things much more than every three months- if only!!!  We may pad a little in areas that we didn't expect to when we're expecting, but the bulk of pregnancy is carried in the belly! Find clothes that fit you and you'll be good to grow from first trimester to forever.  

When should I start wearing maternity clothes?

When your clothes either don't fit


and this is super important,

when your clothes start making you feel fat. 

You are not fat, you're pregnant.  There's nothing like wearing your "fat clothes" or stuffing yourself into clothes that fit your pre-preg bust/hips/waist  to make you feel fat.  So, Just Say No to feeling fat, and Say Yes to getting styles that make you feel good! 

If your clothes stop fitting, or, start making you feel fat -not pregnant, at 9 weeks, then that is the perfect time for you (and maybe not your sister-in-law or neighbor or bff) to invest in some new clothes for all three trimesters, and for what we affectionately refer to as "the trip back down"

But, will something that I get at 12 weeks still fit at 40 weeks?

With average weight gain it should. It's not that complicated really.  Will everything fit?  Maybe not.  Guessing how that average weight gain will distribute itself is impossible to do, some of us carry straight out front, some pad more in the hips and thighs.  So, if you get a piece that is not stretchy at 12 weeks there is a chance it won't take you to 40-however!  If it has nursing access?  Then yay, you will love it after delivery because it's had a bit of a rest. 

If you only want things which will absolutely get you to the very end of the third trimester just make sure that it's got stretch-and length too.  A stretchy top might stretch over a third trimester bump, but it's it's too short and hits you mid belly-that is not a good look on anyone but Santa Claus-or even lower than mid belly but still on your belly-still not a flattering or feel good look.  So, go long.  If a top hits you about 9-12" below your belly button you're good for the whole pregnancy.  Does it feel long?  Just scrunch it up a little.

Shouldn't I get a bigger size?

That's a trick question since most of us wear different sizes in different designers.  But, generally, no, with average weight gain you should not have to go up a size.  take the time to read the sizing chart and How Does It Fit section for our advice on individual pieces, and by all means please let us know if your experience differs.

The best rule of thumb is this:

If the bigger size doesn't look too big, do the bigger size. 

If the bigger size looks too big anywhere but the belly-it's too big.

Remember, your shoulders aren't growing, so, if it's too big in the shoulders,, it's probably too big.

Denim?  Remember, denim relaxes out. If we had a dime for every time someone walked into one of our shops wearing jeans that were two sizes too big we could retire.  Seriously.  Two sizes.  Don't go up in denim.  And if you're near a shop and you're going to invest in good jeans, invest the time to try them on and make your butt and bump look their best.

What about multiples?

Ok.  Trickier, but, again, not rocket science.  On that length thing for tops?  Go with something at least 10" below your belly button, ideally 12 even.  Stretchy fabrics are your new bff.  If it doesn't have stretch you might want to skip it, or at least get it knowing that it won't take you to term.  

What's the "Trip Back Down"

That's our way of acknowledging that the miracle of making a human with our very own bodies takes our beloved bodies some time to recover from-just ask the trillions of women who have been asked when they are due...after the baby is born.  

How long is that trip?  weeks, months, years, again, like every single thing about this journey, yours is yours-and it is the right one.  Enjoy it. 

Here are just a few of our first-second-third trimester faves. 

First trimester/last trimester


Same top : 35 weeks pregnant with twins, to post-partum with 35 week old twins!

It's a wrap! 

A wrap dress woks brilliantly from first trimester to forever-just make sure that it is one designed for a bump so you don't start showing too much as it no longer wraps around in the second half of pregnancy!

It's never too early for good jeans.  Breathing is important:)

Second pregnancy mamas come in daily saying that they're getting their good jeans earlier this time-why put off the inevitable?  Be comfy!  No one needs to see the stretchy bits.

We could go on and on, but, here's the truth, buy what you love, love it from first trimester to third trimester through the trip back down. If you're not sick to death of it by then-because there are three years of wear in one pregnancy year so you may hate the things that you loved- come back and get more like that mama of twins did!  (She sent us those pics after she'd stopped in to shop when the twins were 2!)

From that first wtf to forever-there is no "right or wrong time" to wear things that make you shine!  Bump it up mama. You are so worth it!



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