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Brand Spotlight

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on November 13 2019

We are obsessed with finding the best of the best-not just styles that you can get on your body while pregnant, but styles that make pregnant women look fabulous to forty weeks.  And that can be worn forever.

One line that we "discovered" over ten years ago, and is still a tried and true forever favorite that customers love for it's super flattering, stretchy styles, is Tees by Tina.

In recent years this under the radar brand has been discovered by fashionistas everywhere.  One of the styles that is coveted by celebs and stylists is their mock turtleneck, which, sadly, does not work for most (98%) of pregnant women (Yes, we had it and triedit.), so, save yourself that $59.  But, their textured mock turtleneck dress? AHmazing!  So good. A pregnant fashionista's happy place.

Tina's pieces;

  • fit size 2 to 14
  • fit to forty weeks
  • are made in the USA
  • are super comfy
  • are super flattering and....well, what else is there?
  • Tina and Stephen are lovelier than lovely, and we love working with good kind humans when they also get great style!

Here are just a few of the many snaps of these dreamy divine styles that we've taken over the years.

Customer in our SF store with the Lattice Tank (reversed-because wearing these pieces turned around works brilliantly and doubles your wardrobe-two pieces in one) over our Dressed Jogger at 16 weeks.  And, yes, she wore it out of the shop.

Zoe Saldana bought this dress in every print and stripe possible-great for twins!

Veena rocked her baby bump with baby no.1 and 2 in one of the prints.

Julia at 7 months.  Julia works in our Palo Alto shop.  And wears a 36H, so, One Size?  Yep.

Classic style doesn't go bad.  This dress was a best seller before Gloria (who worked with us for years) wore it during her first pregnancy 5 years ago, and it still is today.

Ashlee sparkles at 5 months with baby #2, and can wear this to holiday parties for years after. 

So. What are you waiting for? (Besides that baby:)  Grab a stack! Bump up that style. You deserve this, and can rock it!! Near a shop?  Stop in and try them on.



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