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Bra Size Matters-from nursing training bras to G cup

Written by Dede Lewis


Posted on December 09 2016

I was working the other day when in rushed shopper Natasha. She explained she needed help getting a proper nursing bra for her new and "improved" G cup size. She was in a hurry because she had to feed her 10 day old soon. I grabbed her a few bras and began to fit her. She said "Thank you so much for your help! I seriously don't know what to do, and I feel like a porn star!" (cue to other customers looking up suddenly;)

She went on to say that her husband sent her in because he couldn't handle listening to the despair in her voice as she tried on another ill fitting bra delivered by Amazon that she had purchased without being able to try on. He found our store, stayed home with the kids and sent her on her way! Love those dads!

I commiserated as I too was difficult to fit in nursing bras, but for the opposite reason. When I was nursing I was a 32 B. A full B, but a B cup none the less. She laughed as I explained to her it was virtually impossible to find a training bra that nurses!

bras.  size matters

I love that we can fit everyone from me to her, and no matter what size, getting personally fit makes all the difference! Here at the shop we have, at some point in our history, carried almost every bra out there.  If you're in the shop or online, ask us about the ones we don't carry any longer! If we don't know, ask us to call Sarah, bra's are her obsession and she remembers them all, it's a little scary. This new mamaa was thrilled to have found bras that contained her new, ahem, ample bosom. I was thrilled to share a laugh and make her day!




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