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Black. Lives. Matter. Always. Always Have.

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on June 01 2020

Since our very first photo shoot 20 years ago, we have always included BIPOC.  It represents our values.  We never discussed it, it's just what we did.  It wasn't a "strategy", it just was what we did. (And, Hajah, below, wasn't actually a client, she worked with us for years.)

This is a white owned business.   We are not perfect. We will not pretend to be. We are open.  We are always listening.  In the past and now.  We have always believed that black lives matter.  This does not mean that we are not aware of implicit bias, and that we were not born and raised in a racist society so we are still working. We are here.  We will not stop fighting. Our mom hearts ache for the millions of black mothers who have lost children to police terrorism, to our failed justice system, to the prison industrial complex and more.  This is a movement and we stand firmly in it, and moving forward. 


This image is from the next shoot, there might be a disc somewhere with these pictures on it. The below is maybe 15 years ago?.  I cannot remember her name. I know she was cute, right? And she was a client.

Here are some of the other beautiful black women who have modeled for us since then.  (And, some of these classic styles are still carried.  The good things don't go bad, or old.) 

I think that the model/client above was named Keisha.  Her baby is probably over ten now.   I do remember that she ended up delivering early-while at a wedding in Florida!

And this beautiful woman below was definitely NOT pregnant!  She's my "niece" who lived with us for a year between college and getting her Masters. She was joining me on a photo shoot just as an extra set of hands.  When one model couldn't make it, guess who was game?  Lucky us.  She is one smart strong young woman. and I am just her proud "auntie".

Black is beautiful.  Nothing more to say. 



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