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Back and Beyond Support

Written by Dede Lewis


Posted on December 05 2016

We had our adorable repeat customer, Lexie, in our SF store today. She is on baby number three and came in for a back support belt, and loved the Upsie Belly, complete with pocket in the back for the heat/cold pack included.  Ahhhhh.

We started chatting about the emotional and physical toll pregnancy can take on the body. As we chatted she tried on our Aztec coat, then our shearling sweater coat. I told her how I own them, and how much I love them, even though my youngest kid is 4 ½. They are great now and after baby. We laughed about our shared affliction for emotional shopping. (But seriously, have you seen the Aztec jacket? It’s a serious mood boost- with faux fur trim.)

the aztec

She came in for back support, and got a little moral support and retail therapy too.  Such fun!



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