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Annoying Things Other Moms Say When You’re Pregnant

Written by All Store


Posted on August 03 2018

Morning sickness, constant potty breaks, no wine or sushi, random swelling, mood swings and more. We have plenty to deal with when we’re pregnant. It’s a real roller coaster of hormones and more...

And the last thing mamas-to-be need is other moms telling them how to live their lives. As mamas ourselves, we get it, most of us here just want to help, but, when we were pregnant, yeah, please leave us alone! Here are just a few samplings of some of the annoying things our customers have shared that they've had to listen to.

“You know, natural births are the best!”


Really? Last time we checked, what was best for one person was not best for another.  We love being human!I There are many moms out there who have beliefs, and that's great for them.  But, having or not having an epidural? Or having a C-section? You get to make that decision on your own.  You're a mom now.  Take care of you and the baby and it's gonna be the right way for you. 

They made  decision that was right for them. That's great.  What you do is none of their business.

“There’s this great trick to induce labor…”


Oh, really now? If that was a guarantee, we'd be there.  Usually, this completely unsolicited advice comes when you’re past your due date and seriously hating the world. When other moms tell you they know just how to induce labor, the urge to eye-roll is real.

Whether it’s a certain yoga position, spicy food, or sex, there are a million rumors about how you can kick-start your labor. Some may work. Others certainly won’t. That’s not the point. The point is that you’re probably in no mood to hear it!

“Sleep now. You won’t get any when baby comes!”

Yeaaahhhhh. ’ll just sleep until my baby comes and then I won’t need to sleep at all after that. Yeah. That’s completely how sleep works.

First of all, how many pregnant women just sleep like a dream?  Can we hear you? *silence* Also, this makes absolutely zero sense. While, of course, pregnant women should get their rest, you can’t make up for the sleep that you will lose when your baby arrives. So, yes, like always and forever, slee when you can.  Or, in the third trimester, try to!

“My labor was absolute hell…”

Oh, how did you guess,  that's exactly what I wanted to hear.  Everyone else has said it's a piece of cake, a walk in the park.  I'm sorry that yours was hell, I hope that the baby was okay. I'll be leaving now.

If you’re a new soon-to-be mama, the mystery surrounding labor is intimidating enough on its own. The very last thing you need is to hear right now is how awful it can be-odds are, you already knew that. 

“Whatever you do, don't insert one of many things that you haven't gotten to yet, and may never get to

Your baby, your business. No doubt you have a very good dr/midwife/doula/ob/gyn etc. whom you trust.  Inducing labor, c-section, bed rest, the list goes on and on and on until,, oh, forever! Being pregnant just opens up a whole new world, and the inhabitants of that world can sometimes be very eager to welcome you.

When moms have been around the block some feel that they have the patent on how to be a parent. Some want company. The minute they see you’re pregnant, the advice starts coming your way whether you like it or not. 

Pregnancy is a perfect time to start learning that "Hmmmm." is a compete sentences  and "Thank you, I've gotta run." is a fine thing to say.

Your pregnancy is about you and your baby, and maybe a spouse or someone else-usually it is not the woman behind you in line or even your sister-in-law, who you love, but.....




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