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9 Must Have Maternity Pieces for 9 Months of Style...and beyond

Written by Austin Ross


Posted on April 02 2018

Almost every fashion editor will proclaim that there are certain must-have items that every woman needs in her closet. These are the staple pieces; they go with almost anything, and they are always in style. When you’re pregnant and your bump is growing on the daily, you need classic pieces more than ever. While some styles in your closet might accommodate your growing bump, others might need to be swapped for maternity styles.

So what items are the must-haves for your daily maternity style? Here are 10 classic style staples that you NEED in your pregnant life! (Because, we did the math, and, 40 weeks?  That's 10 months!)

  1. The perfect pair of jeans.

If you’re in your first trimester, you might be using rubber bands to coyly keep your favorite jeans in your clothing rotation. Maybe you just gave up jeans because they don’t fit…or you’re just waiting until....until what? You get bigger?  Yup, that will happen! Comfort is key here…and generally maternity jeans are the best choice as the belly begins to expand. Breathing comfortably is good.  Unzipping your jeans after dinner? Not so great.

It is massively crucial that your maternity jeans need to flatter you. (Yes, we have feelings about this.) Bad jeans can ruin your entire day, and they definitely do not make most moms feel good. The fit during pregnancy should hug your curves comfortably, and the bum shouldn’t sag! Look for a pair that fit you like you like your jeans to fit-the waist of maternity jeans will allow the baby to grow.  Some maternity jeans feature elastic side panels to accommodate belly growth, while others offer a full belly panel.  The vast majority (94%) of our clients prefer side panels-and that includes the ones who come in saying that they don't want them. Honest. Try different styles to decide the perfect fit for you and your body.


Expert Tip: Do not buy jeans too big, they will relax out and you will hate them and not be happy.  

Expert Tip: You will wear these jeans for, don't freak out, possibly months after delivery.  Don't dwell on this now, just believe us.  Try a front tuck with the side panel, even throw a belt on if you want.  No one will know they've got side panels.  We'll keep your secret.

  1. The Basic Tee

A white t-shirt is the most basic and versatile pieces in your wardrobe. And bumped?  It is essential.  Get a good one. Or two.  Pair a tee with jeans, shorts, a skirt…and layer other tops over it. Or just throw on a cool bomber or moto jacket. Throw a classic white tee over your new favorite comfy jeans,  statement necklace and great shoes?  Brilliant. Find one with subtle great details?  Perfect and happy making. A fitted tee shirt pairs with everything and anything.Essential Long Sleeve Tee

Throw a heathered grey one in the mix? Absolutely. One white, one grey, one black. Rinse. Repeat.

v neck maternity tee not maternity

Expert Tip: Make sure that your tee is long enough to really cover the bump. Least flattering look is something that gives you a horizontal visual mid bump. If you are going for a fitted top and you're early on, just tszuj it up, don't pull it all the way down.

  1. The Oversized Top

Some days an easy flowing oversized top over a pair of leggings is just what the dr. ordered for comfortable flattering easy style.  This pair well with booties or boots, pumps or runners.  Another versatile piece.

Expert Tip: The key to this look is to make sure that the sleeve fits you well-if the sleeve is loose then it's just big and not flattering, so, get a fitted sleeve-and then push it up to just below your elbow for a more slender silhouette.

  1. The Blazer

Blazers are a go-to style chameleon. Opt for black if you want the ultimate classic. Try on blazers you already own, as you may still be able to wear them unbuttoned over your LBD or tee shirt and jeans. If you don't own a blazer, maternity blazer or not, now might be a good time to add one to your wardrobe.  You'll wear it forever. 

A great maternity blazer, that's not maternity

Expert Tip: Do not-we repeat, do not-look for a blazer that would button over a nine month bump.  Leave your blazers open to create a vertical visual line.

  1. The LBD

A maternity little black dress needs to be one of your investment pieces during pregnancy! Why, you ask? Because you can wear it with ANYTHING! Throw on a cardigan, a denim jacket, a moto jacket, layer it with a turtleneck, a t-shirt or a blouse! You can make one dress look like a new outfit every single day!

james classic lbd

      6. The Moto Jacket

If you own a black motorcycle jacket in a pre-pregnancy size, you can still wear it open. If you don’t have this evergreen piece, buy one now!

leather patch moto jacket















  1. Leggings!

Love them or hate them, leggings are so comfortable and a must-have during pregnancy, after childbirth and beyond. Leggings as pants, or they can be layered with dresses, skirts, and long shirts, sweaters and tunics. Black. Yes. Maybe one for dressed and one for  "working  out"(which you get to define;) 

leggings.  yes.

Expert Tip: Over or under is up to you.  You will wear these like a pair that you own for 3 years-in the course of one pregnancy, so, if you go with under the bump, and high quality, you will wear the forever, but whichever feels comfy is best.

Expert Tip: Bend over before you buy-can anyone see through the backside?

Expert Tip: Summer pregnancy?  You might prefer under the bump.

  1. The Hoodie

Hoodies are cozy, comfortable and one of the most practical pieces of clothing for pregnancy. If you’re in the midst of morning sickness or you just feel ‘meh,’ you want to be comfortable. Hoodies are a bit like zipping up in a blanket…and some days that’s what you need.

softest every hoodie for pregnancy, new moms and forever

  1.  The Denim Jacket

    You will throw this on over e-ver-y-thing.  Want to wear that dress that you thought you;d never wear again because you bought it for one occasion?  Throw a denim jacket over it!  Hello chic!Expert Tip: Don't get rid of this after the pregnancy.  If you're sick of it stash it away.  Like most of the pieces here it's a classic and you really may love it in 10 years.  

  2. A great swimsuit!

Okay, so, depending upon the season and your travel plans this may not be a must-have. 

Flaunt that belly on the beach! If you think a maternity swimsuit is going to make you look like a toddler (you know what we mean!), you need to rethink maternity style. You can—and will!—find a suit that hugs your bump and still lets you feel and look amazing!

rosy tankini

A closet filled with classic staples is a must for a stylish nine months. A selection of classic pieces allows you to mix and match with other items to ensure a never ending rotation of amazing maternity (and post-pregnancy) style options.

Expert Tip: While your body is outside it's comfort zone don't go crazy trying new things, but do be willing to try new things, and some great colorful scarves or statement necklaces can be fab with a bump.



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