9 Pieces/ 9 Months: bump & beyond essentials


“But what should I buy first?” is a question we get in our stores all. the. time.

This will depend a little on lifestyle, but there are some basic things to look for. We pride ourselves on providing a well curated selection of items to build a capsule wardrobe. Meaning you can buy a few high quality key pieces and mix and match them. 

We love neutrals for a few reasons. They are very easy to mix and match. They can easily be paired with shoes and accessories from our real-life, not pregnant wardrobe. You can wear them more often and fly under the radar, so Karen from accounting isn’t commenting that it’s the 3rd time you’ve worn that dress in two weeks. 

Our go-to pieces to build your fall maternity wardrobe are the following tried and true favorites. And, are they maternity?  No.  Will they get you all the way to delivery?  Absolutely YES!

The Hudson Jumpsuit:

"The romper is the most comfortable item I own, and I've shamelessly worn it 4 out of the last 7 days.  It can be dressed up or down, which is awesome." -from a Yelp review

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. And there are so many people who feel the same, including Eva Longoria who came in and bought it in 3 colors!

Eva in hers, days before delivery.

Me in one of mine:

 Ways to wear
  1. flip flops and go
  2. booties and a denim or leather jacket
  3. throw a button down over it
  4. strappy sandals and bling-looks great!
  5. not officially maternity

The Penny Top:

This staple is perfect starting early in your pregnancy since it is not fitted throw the midsection. Reg not preg. It will not announce your news before you do. Comfy and versatile, it can be dressed up or down until the day you deliver!

Ways to wear:
  1. over jeans
  2. over pencil skirt
  3. over leggings
  4. front tuck with no panel jeans
  5. knot the front early and beyond the bump
  6. not maternity

Original Cinched Top:

This is your  best "base coat". Not officially maternity, but so good pregnant. It is double layered so the white doesn’t get too sheer as you grow. Pairs perfectly under your pre-pregnancy jackets and blazers. Need more than one?  Everyone does. 

Ways to Wear:
  1. under. every. jacket and cardigan. ever.
  2. over.  everything. forever.
  3. flip it around front to back for a boat neck with a low back-yes, totally
  4. reg, not preg

Faux Leather Leggings:

Swoon!  These are THE BEST! On trend, comfy and essential to a Fall/Winter pregnancy. You are wearing leggings, but the faux leather coating makes them more of a pant and less athletic looking. 


  1. Ways to Wear:
    1. the Cinched top and a big oversized cardi or sweater
    2. the Cinched top and any pre preg jacket
    3. with the Cinched top or the Penny and a denim jacket
    4. dressy top for mocktail attire/holiday parties

Mama J and Paige:

The jeans of your dreams when you aren't pregnant, brought to you by the great people of J Brand and Paige. You'll wonder why you waited so long to jump on the maternity denim train. These are also amazing for the postpartum transition back to your “regular” jeans. 

Ways to Wear:
well, they're jeans, so
  1. dress up or down-sneakers or strappy sandals
  2. black jeans can read work pants, just sayin'

Dress Joggers:

The relaxed pant to rule the world in, no matter if you're pregnant or not. Plus, pockets! Everything is 10 times better with pockets. These are stylish and perfect on days you don’t want skinny jeans/ leggings. 


Ways to Wear
  1. pull up a few inches above your ankle
  2. fitted top, or a flowy top with a front tuck
  3. sneakers
  4. booties
  5. happy place way beyond the bump
Gwen Dress (and, yes, it might be nursing friendly:)

This dress can do summer in flip flops to winter with tights and boots and the below jacket.  And the diagonal lines are super flattering, even moms who don't like fitted love this dress.

Ways to Wear:
  1. solo from barely bumped to full term
  2. discreet nursing access
  3. flip flops or flats
  4. toss on a denim jacket and a knee boot
  5. any black blazer or jacket
  6. tights and boots

Leather Patch Jacket:

This jacket is so amazing you can wear it at any point and it makes leggings and a tank top look put together and like you tried. We can’t recommend this piece highly enough! "Somehow, it always makes me look and feel tiny.  I get tons of compliments on it, and plan on wearing it long after pregnancy." Yelp reviewer

Obviously not maternity. Once you've got it on, you will understand. Obviously obsessive worthy.

The best way to take care of baby? Take care of mom. Dressing your best, for bump & beyond. It makes a difference, and you are so worth it mama.

These pieces, combined with your pre-preg reg styles could easily be all you need for the full 40 weeks, definitely for the trip back down, and (except the jeans maybe?), forever!

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