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4 Perfect Looks for Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Written by Dede Lewis


Posted on February 03 2020

"I have a maternity photo shoot coming up and I have no idea what to wear! "
We’ve got you. It is counter intuitive that more fitted is more flattering at this point in your pregnancy, but it’s true! More fitted styles highlight the bump, but still maintain your shape. While more flowing styles can actually photograph to make you look bigger than you are. And no one has time for that. 


Samantha Scoop 


This style is amazing style for photos! It is fitted and textured which translates to forgiving and extremely flattering!

For maternity photos ivory is a great neutral that can be paired with accessory in a color of your choice. This gives it a light feel and allows you to color coordinate accessories -a pink satin ribbon tied above the bump, a great pair of blue shoes, etc.-with the gender of your baby, if that is your thing. 

(This dress in ivory is the dress that Anne Hathaway exclaimed to another customer "Oh, THAT one!" which prompted the customer to bring it with her to make her purchases saying to Austin  "I sort of have to wear that one to my baby shower.  I mean, how many people get to say at their shower 'Anne Hathaway picked this out for me?"  We don't usually name drop our celebs, but, Anne, we hope you'll forgive us this once?)

Flowing over Fitted

Milan Maxi 

If you want a neutral flowy style, but still want a piece that photographs well, we love this strapless option! This is perfect if you don’t want something bodycon, but still want to show off the bump.

The lining is more fitted, allowing for the silhouette of the bump. The flowy silk layer allows you to have a sheer layer so you feel less exposed.

And we love it as as skirt with just a bandeau, or an arm, covering you up on top.




(these are just in store picks that we took to help a decision be made)

This is a great style for someone who wants a flattering, but less fitted option. This is a great option for bustier mamas, as the wider strap allows for you to wear a normal bra under. As a bonus this dress is also amazing postpartum. 

Keepin' It Casual

Original Cinched Top

If you are more of a jeans and tee shirt gal, this is the tee to pair with your jeans or denim jacket. Fitted, bra friendly, and double lined so it’s not too sheer in your pictures. The length of this shirt allows the top to cover the panel in your jeans, so it won’t show up in pictures.

We also love that all of the above styles will make you look amazing in your maternity photos-and you will wear them, and look amazing many any other days as well, and, beyond the bump?  Yes!!  

Whichever way you go, have fun with this!  It's an amazing time, and it's great to capture it - so you can look back in awe and wonder.






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