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A Day in our Palo Alto Shop

Written by Austin Ross


Posted on February 07 2016

I don't spend as much time in the stores as I used to 20 years ago, when I was there 6 days a week, but recently, due to staffing issues, I have been there more....and I love it.   Here are a few pictures from Friday in our Palo Alto store which explain why we all love what we do. (With apologies to the cuties who I did not have time to take a picture of.  We'll catch you next time:)

First in was an "old" customer comes back and finds his own must-have item. He was SO cute!!

(Yes, Chewbeads are still a total hit for the toddling crowd.)


Next in was this fabulous 4 legged sibling2b.  Check out that tail! Wow!

Playing with our blocks and other toys is always fun.  Siblings have built some amazing structures      through the years.  And they have bought some mamas with no time a little time:)  This big sis was proud of her castle, but I think that she liked the sparkly necklace that she made at a play date even better. So fun!

Oh, and the babies. Getting to borrow babies like this precious 8 week old is, I must admit, one of the perks of the job for most of us.  When a wee one starts to get, as a former sitter called it, "grizzly",  we happily give moms a break by practicing our baby whispering.  Yummy.  And then we give them back. So sweet!  

Perfect end to a perfect day? It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!  Another older sibling was very excited to show us her wares, and we were only too happy to stock up! Her personal fave is Thin Mint, and her Nana's fave are the Sunshine somethings(lemon).  She was an enthusiastic expert in her field and we had a blast making our choices for the day. So fun!  

And that, ladies and gents, combined with getting women in clothes that make them feel great, is why I love what I do.



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